China willing to broker peace in Israel-Palestine conflict

March 15, 2024 People's Journal 184 views

CHINA has stepped forward to broker peace in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. President Xi Jinping has reiterated China’s principled stance, emphasizing humanitarianism, justice, and adherence to the United Nations (UN) Charter.

With the conflict causing heavy civilian casualties and a dire humanitarian crisis, President Xi has called for an immediate ceasefire, emphasizing the importance of ending hostilities and ensuring safe humanitarian corridors. He advocates for a two-state solution, building international consensus, and achieving a comprehensive, just, and lasting settlement.

China’s proposals to the UN Security Council include implementing a comprehensive ceasefire, protecting civilians, ensuring humanitarian assistance, enhancing diplomatic mediation, and seeking a political settlement based on the two-state solution.

President Xi’s personal involvement, including a Congratulatory Message to a UN Special Commemorative Meeting, underscores China’s commitment to resolving the longstanding conflict. China vows to continue advocating for fairness and justice, supporting peace talks, and providing assistance to Palestine.

Experts see China’s unique position as a close ally to Palestine and a partner to Israel, coupled with its mediation experience, as a credible mediator. They observe that, unlike the perceived bias of some Western powers, China’s impartial stance offers hope for successful negotiations and a peaceful resolution to the crisis.