NASA reports July 2023 as hottest month

August 16, 2023 People's Tonight 261 views

RECENT data released by NASA’s GISTEMP record has underscored the severity of the ongoing global climate crisis, as July 2023 marked a staggering 1.18°C increase above the 1951-1980 July average.

“This record-breaking summer is part of a pattern of increasing global temperatures caused by human activities, especially carbon dioxide emissions. Overall, annual global temperatures have risen about 1°C on average since 1880,” NASA reported.

The unprecedented rise is part of a disturbing trend of escalating global temperatures, largely attributed to human activities and the alarming increase in carbon dioxide emissions.

The GISTEMP record, which dates back to 1880 when consistent global recordkeeping became possible, has consistently tracked the progression of our planet’s changing climate. Annual global temperatures have surged by approximately 1°C on average since that time, further highlighting the urgency of addressing the crisis.

In 2023, a series of climate-related disasters were seen. Sweltering heat waves, unprecedented Atlantic sea surface temperatures, and devastating fires in Canada have sent smoke billowing thousands of miles away, leaving communities and ecosystems reeling from the effects.

Meanwhile, experts and advocates alike emphasize the pressing need for global cooperation and comprehensive action to curb carbon emissions and mitigate the catastrophic effects of climate change.