Coleen and Diego reunite in ‘Isang Gabi’

April 27, 2024 Ian F. Fariñas 326 views

In the course of one night, can two people find true and lasting love?

Coleen Garcia and Diego Loyzaga star in Isang Gabi, a film by McArthur Alejandre and written by Ricky Lee.

It tells the story of Karla and Dindo who meet each other during a dark phase in their lives.

As they spend the night together, with all their secrets coming to light, see how it will bond them for life.

Karla rose from rags to riches. She married into affluence, but it didn’t bring her happiness.

She has even suffered much because of it to a point where she didn’t want to have children.

She tells Dindo she fears they just might end up depressed like her. But now that her husband is dead, she’s contemplating whether or not it’s time to start a new life.

Dindo is a Literature professor. On the night he meets Karla, he’s out enjoying himself… for one last time.

Dindo tells Karla that come morning, he’s turning himself in to the police.

Despite this, Karla is convinced that Dindo is not a bad guy.

The movie’s official trailer shows Karla begging Dindo not to leave her. Will she still feel the same once she learns about his crime?

Before the night is over, a shocking truth is revealed. When the secrets that have kept them in misery are finally exposed, will there be a bright future for Karla and Dindo – together or apart?

Isang Gabi also stars Alex Medina as Andrew, Karla’s rich husband; Yayo Aguila as Mrs. Garcia, Andrew’s loving mother; Soliman Cruz as Colonel Garcia, Andrew’s father; and Angelica Hart as Bella, Dindo’s high school girlfriend.

Coleen and Diego have worked together in the 2022 movie Adarna Gang, which was released on Vivamax.

This time around, see their chemistry on the big screen as Isang Gabi opens on May 15 in cinemas nationwide.

The movie is produced by Viva Films and Studio Viva.