Love problems and sexual fantasies

March 14, 2023 Mario Bautista 1911 views

ssshhhDIRECTOR Roman Perez, Jr. is no doubt the busiest Vivamax director. His new movie, “Domme”, about a dominatrix played by Ava Mendez, will start streaming this Friday.

And his new mini-series, “SSSSHHH”, premieres on Vivamax this March 26, 2023, with a fresh new episode shown every Sunday. Not only that, he has yet another new movie to be shown soon, “Balik Taya”, shot on location in Thailand with Kiko Estrada and Azi Acosta.

‘SSSSHHH’ is based on a podcast of Vivamax Sexpert Salome Salvi, a content creator of adult entertainment whose work was featured in the acclaimed movie “Kitty K7” and is also available on Pornhub.

Salome, who claims she has experienced everything about sex, aims to awaken your imagination with provocative, taboo stories. Her podcast is where people share their wildest and most unforgettable sexcapades. This is a four-part Vivamax anthology series by the cult director, Roman Perez Jr.

Watch how Salome interviews her guests and provokes them to share never-before-told sexual experiences. The episodes are based on the real life experiences of young couples and Salome then gives her inputs on what to do about their problems.

The first episode is “Hall Pass” starring Vince Rillon, Alexa Ocampo, Amanda Avecilla and Rash Flores. This is a story about a couple trying to save their failing marriage.

Out of desperation, they decide to give each other a “hall pass” which gives them permission to sleep with other people once a month, hoping that this can help them sort things out for themselves. But can this setup really mend their relationship? Or will it just instead completely end their marriage?

The second episode is “Party n’ Play”, starring Cheska Paredes, Arron Villaflor, Ada Hermosa, and Jeffrey Hidalgo as the party host. The story is about a female undercover agent from PDEA assigned to track down the source of illegal drugs and the leader of a drug syndicate.

But she faces the irony of life when she finds herself falling for one of the syndicate members. Will she honor her duty first and do her mission? Or will she follow what her heart dictates?

Episode three is “Benching”, starring Micaella Raz and Quinn Carillo. Two competitive women’s volleyball varsity players meet and find each other attractive. As both explore their sexuality, they discover a new form of love and intimacy.

But greed and jealousy will hinder their sapphic relationship, will pride and selfishness end what is just starting? Or will they choose to explore and fight for this newfound love?

The fourth and last episode is “Guilt Trip”, starring Yen Durano, VR Relosa, and Julia Victoria. It is a story about a man who could not keep up with his wife’s successful career. As he feels more insecure, he ends up sleeping with another woman, but later on, feels guilty about it and confesses his mistake.

Much to his surprise, his wife is not furious but rather aroused by his confession and ends up sleeping with him. What turned on his wife? Or did she only do that to avoid arguing about his confession?

Watch and even learn a thing or two from these wild, exciting, and thought-provoking stories that will tickle your imagination. Directed by Roman Perez Jr. Stream SSSSHHH! exclusively on Vivamax starting March 26.