May 27, 2024 Alfred P. Dalizon 346 views

THE Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption and the local Indian community aired strong support for one of their officials who was dragged into the fake PDEA leak issue being investigated by the Senate.

In a press statement, the VACC headed by Mr. Arsenio ‘Boy’ Evangelista said their group is committed to justice and will not participate in propaganda as they stand in full support to Majinder ‘James’ Kumar whom they described as a ‘victim of crime and now a victim of disinformation and lies.’

The group said that this month, the VACC was unknowingly dragged in the alleged PDEA Leak issue investigated by the Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs by a certain blogger called ‘Maharlika’ whom they said maliciously insinuated that VACC distanced itself on the alleged injustice committed on former PDEA agent Jonathan Morales.

The group hit the vlogger and Morales for claiming that the VACC distanced itself from the Senate probe following their alleged illicit financial benefits from the First Lady who happened to be a close ally and friend of Kumar.

The group added that Kumar, currently the VACC Secretary and member of their Board of Trustees was also unfairly depicted by Palace detractors as “a vicious criminal who committed murder, kidnapping, rape and other heinous crimes, and mafia leader of the criminal conspirators of government, sans proof or truthfulness of her claims.”

The VACC said there is no truth to all those allegations.

“First, VACC’s membership is multi-faceted — with volunteers from different backgrounds, status, affiliations, and beliefs, and who came together and volunteered to assist other victims, following their respective experiences as victims of crimes,” it said.

“Second, our officers and members independently decide on matters unrelated to the purpose of VACC, be it politics, religion, or beliefs. VACC adheres to the rule of law and the regulations and processes established to enforce it, to objectively determine a matter/issue/case, it will motu propio take cognizance of, and only after it has researched, reviewed, and analyzed the case and evidence presented,” it added.

Evangelista said that matters being brought to their attention are being thoroughly deliberated by their Board of Trustees.

“Our policies were created to prevent bias and influence to be an element in our decision, and more importantly, to prevent individuals, groups, associations, or politicians from using VACC for their personal interest and propaganda,” he said.

“Third, our officers are men and women of proven integrity and track record, who adheres to the laws and regulations of the Philippines and uphold the rights of people as embodied in the Constitution,” the VACC statement said.

According to Evangelista, the VACC has in the past issued correspondence to the Department of Justice on the matter of cases filed against Manjinder “James” Kumar, which they described as ‘fabricated’ but reached the courts and warrants issued due to the deception employed by the complainant.

The VACC said that the complainants against Kumar gave a a non-existing address to prevent Mr. Kumar from participating in the preliminary investigation and revealing the baseless and unfounded claims against the latter.

“ On this note, VACC asked to make it on record that any complaint on Mr. Kumar be addressed to VACC to guarantee its receipt,” it said.

The VACC hit those who have ‘bullied, slandered, harassed, and spread intrigues to dishonor Kumar’ saying they have committed crimes against him and allowed themselves to be agents of injustice.

“VACC has in the past, and to this day stand proud to support Manjinder “James” Kumar, who is a victim of this smear campaign on his name and reputation, based on lies, twisted facts, falsehoods, and inaccurate and flawed conclusions of vlogger Maharlika, who, despite admitting that she does not know Mr. Kumar, pronounced as truth her depictions and painted image of him,” it said.

“ By basing her claims on fake news and messages of alleged informants, clearly show her lack of credibility and irresponsible blogging — her allegations are nothing but gossips, — a criminal who inflicts injustice, and practices double standards in the interpretation of laws,” the VACC added.

“Manjinder “James” Kumar is not a criminal, but a staunch advocate against crimes, whose assistance to both Indians and Filipinos in need is beyond reproach, a philanthropist at heart, and who despite the sufferings and attempts on his life and his family remained steadfast and committed to his work and selfless service to others,” the group maintained.

In an open letter, the Filipino-Indian community also expressed its full support to Kumar.

“We believe that Mr. Kumar is innocent of any wrongdoing and deserves to be treated fairly and justly. The character assassination he faces not only harms his reputation but also undermines the invaluable work he has done for our communities,” they said.

“ We firmly stand behind Mr. Kumar, affirming his unwavering character and integrity, and support in clearing his name to ensure that fairness prevails,” the group said as they described Kumar as an integral part of their community, demonstrating dedication to philanthropy, ethical business practices and community development.

As the founder of the Filipino-Indian Commerce and Welfare Society Inc. (FICWSI), the group said that Mr. Kumar has played a pivotal role in transforming the lives of both Filipinos and Indians living in the Philippines.

Through FICWSI, Mr. Kumar has provided full scholarships to underprivileged students, enabling them to pursue their education and secure better futures,” the group said.

They also cited the role played by Kumar in helping government frontliners during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as other natural disasters that have hit the country.