Revitalized livestock, poultry, dairy industries pushed

May 27, 2024 Camille P. Balagtas 90 views

SENATOR Cynthia Villar seeks to advance the development, promotion and competitiveness of the livestock, poultry and dairy Industries by the passage of Senate Bill 255.

Pork and chicken accounts for approximately 29.8%percent of the Filipino protein consumption.

The high cost of these commodities, making them unaffordable to most Filipinos, may lead to protein deficiency and contribute to malnutrition.

Imported milk in the country accounts for 99 percent of supply which makes milk unavailable and unaffordable to our growing population.

Local milk production is struggling and needs a boost to able to cope with and address the local demand, especially on the milk feeding programs in our schools and other institutions that take care of our children.

The hog sector is still struggling with against the African Swine Fever outbreak since 2019 and needs to bounce back to support small hold raisers and commercial farms to support of basic food needs for pork.

The ASF is responsible for the P100-Billion loss to the sector.

The poultry sector also needs sustainable inputs such as feeds, medicines against pest and diseases and more efficient production systems.

“For the longest time, the LPD sector has been left to be run by the private sector, now with this act, the government will actively support and participate in the development of the sector.

“A mandatory review by the Congressional Oversight Committee on Agricultural and Fisheries Modernization (COCAFM) and the PIDS shall be conducted to come up with an impact evaluation of this act,” Villar said.