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Coronavirus: Latest global developments

September 25, 2021 People's Journal 320 views

PARIS(AFP) – Here are the latest developments in the coronavirus crisis:

– Russia’s record deaths –

Russia recorded its highest daily death — 828 — toll for a second day in a row as its reels from a Delta variant outbreak.

– Regeneron green light –

The World Health Organization gives its backing to the synthetic antibody treatment Regeneron — which was used on former US president Donald Trump when he fell ill with Covid-19 — but only for patients with specific health profiles.

– Mixed messages –

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention overrules its own panel of health experts to recommend a third Pfizer booster shot for people at high risk because of their jobs, such as care workers, teachers and supermarket staff.

– Bangladesh boost –

The US is shipping another 2.5 million vaccine doses to hard-hit Bangladesh, a White House official tells AFP.

– Booze rationing –

The US state of Pennsylvania is limiting sales of some brands of bourbon, whiskey, champagne and cognac to two bottles per person because of supply chain woes caused by the pandemic.

– Bond is back –

The latest James Bond movie — “No Time To Die” — gets its world premiere next week after an 18-month delay because of the pandemic.

The film is expected to be British star Daniel Craig’s last appearance as 007.

– Berlin at starting blocks –

Some 25,000 people will take part in the Berlin Marathon Sunday after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. It will be the first major race to have a mass start since the virus struck.

– 4.7 million dead –

The coronavirus has killed at least 4,725,638 people since the outbreak emerged in China in December 2019, according to an AFP tally from official sources.

The US is the worst-affected country with 648,357 deaths, followed by Brazil with 592,964, India with 446,368, Mexico with 274,139 and Russia with 202,273.