April 25, 2024 Chona Yu 91 views

KINGDOM of Jesus Christ founding chairman Pastor Apollo Quiboloy remains in hiding in the Philippines.

Attorney Mico Clavano, Department of Justice Assistant Secretary and spokesperson, said their information showed Quiboloy, facing charges for child abuse and qualified trafficking, remains at large in the Philippines “unless there’re new developments from the police.”

Quiboloy has a warrant of arrest for child and sexual abuses filed in Davao City.

The religious leader is wanted by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for sex trafficking charges,

“The respondent, or the accused (Quiboloy) has to submit his person to the court for the court to be able to assert its jurisdiction and to subject him to other processes under the law,” Clavano said at the Palace briefing.

“Obviously he’s still at large so the law enforcement is still on the lookout and they’ve continued the operations to be able to arrest on the basis of the warrants that have been issued by the court,” Clavano said.

Asked to comment on requests for the issuance of a hold departure order (HDO) against Quiboloy, Clavano said it has been brought up already as prosecutors have already filed their motion to issue the HDO against him.

“So, once you have a respondent or an accused, that is a flight risk especially given the resources that this person has, then the prosecutors are very diligent in making sure that that doesn’t happen ‘no – that the accused is able to leave the country without actually facing the allegations in the proper forum,” Clavano said.

Clavano said that the Supreme Court has approved the request of the Department of Justice to transfer the cases of Quiboloy from Davao to Pasig City.