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The reverse side of the ‘Munich Pact’

February 3, 2022 Paul M. Gutierrez 340 views

PaulONE of the “oddest” news we got to read was the telephone conversation last January 27, 2022, between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi ang US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, mainly on the issue of Ukraine.

As the narrative went, Blinken is seeking China’s help in “persuading” Russia to back down on its “imminent plan” to invade Ukraine—although even Ukraine president, Volodymr Zelensky, said present evidence in their border with Russia does not indicate an invasion. If at all, he added, this Western-imagined aggression of Russia and fear-mongering is wreaking Ukraine’s economy.

We find the news really “odd” considering that since 2012, during the Obama administration, US Imperialism has initiated a global campaign to demonize and isolate China in the bar of global opinion while making war preparations against China highlighted by Obama’s ‘Pivot to Asia’ pronouncement.

In Europe, despite the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Uncle Sam still considers Russia its “kaaway numero uno” and together with its Western minions, err, “allies” (read: NATO), has initiated a consistent plan of encirclement of Russia by encouraging the entry into NATO of former Soviet satellite states, like Poland for example.

This policy of encirclement, in place since the end of World War 2, is of course a betrayal by Western Imperialism of the “commitment” they made to Michael Gorbachev and other Russian leaders that with the USSR gone (and the Warsaw Pact along with it), Russia can be assured that NATO would not encroach (“poaching” would be a better term) on the USSR’s former borders by encouraging the entry into NATO of former Warsaw Pact members.

Under President Vladimir Putin, Russia has entered a period of “national rejuvenation,” especially in the field of national defense—its armed forces is again at par with the rest of Europe and even with the United States.

And if there is one thing that greatly annoys the US, is to find your “beaten enemy” as strong or even stronger than before. In short, the one thing the US cannot allow is to have another power threatening its global hegemony—a deliberate policy and “world view” adopted by the US starting in the dying days of the Reagan presidency.

It is this US world view that has, since then, caused great misery and human catastrophe in the wars of aggressions that the US has launched since then—just look at the wreckage it has left in the Middle East like Iraq, Libya, Syria and yes, Afghanistan.

But now, the US is in a bind because its two-pronged plan to contain both Russia and China is about to blow up on its face and the crisis that would accelerate it, is not Taiwan but Ukraine.

Thus, in its desperation to salvage the situation and get out of its self-made crisis without losing face, it has done the unthinkable—ask China to be its puppet in talking Russia out of a war.

But China is not stupid or a weak country anymore that would easily bow down to Western blabbers without seeing thru the falsehood.

The US and NATO are now blabbering about the ‘Munich Pact’ when Hitler’s Germany and Chamberlain’s Britain, along with the other European powers, agreed to let Hitler seize portions of Czechoslovakia (Sudentenland) in 1938. The pact has since then been painted black by the West because it emboldened Hitler to further aggressions that ended with the start of World War 2 in Europe. For them it is “appeasement” that only leads to more territorial expansion by a dictator.

That’s the way US and NATO views the situation because despite being democratically elected, they view Pres. Putin as a “dictator” of the Hitlerian variety. To the “liberal” West, any world leader not conforming to their stereotype is always a “dictator” and a “killer.” I mean, just think of Saddam Hussein, Moammar Khadafy, Putin, President Xi Jinping and of course, Pres. Duterte.

And following their logic, any method, fair, foul—and criminal—is justifiable and excusable in order “to keep the world safe for democracy.”

But what about Russia and China? Are they not also thinking about the Munich Pact but in “reverse?’

Was Russia not seeing it as the West encroaching on its own territory after they agreed in 1991 of no NATO expansion in Eastern Europe? It is no secret that NATO has been badgering Ukraine to join NATO and to what end?

Is it not to encircle Russia the way the Munich Pact put Hitler in a better position to invade Poland and later on, the Soviet Union?

To Russia, it is the West that is planning for an invasion of Russia and not the other way around.

As for China, has it not entered the mind of US Imperialism that if Russia falls, China knew it would be next?

In other words, like Russia, China has also drawn lessons from the Munich Pact and like Russia, in the reverse too.