Ryza and Joseph teamed up in ‘Kunwari… Mahal Kita’

March 11, 2023 Ian F. Fariñas 534 views

In the game of make believe, which is easier: Pretending to be in love or hiding that you’re in love?

Which is more painful: Falling out of love or finding out that the love was fake all along?

Feel the confusion and pain of three people dealing with this kind of situation in Kunwari… Mahal Kita, a film by Roderick Lindayag.

Joseph Marco plays Greg Soriano, a man who escapes to La Union after his wife drops the bomb of wanting an annulment.

He has been the martyr in the relationship, but this seems no longer enough to save the marriage.

Ryza Cenon plays Heidi “Hydes” Bolisay, who works in the resort where Greg is staying at.

Their first encounter is terrible as Hydes gets violent with Greg. Fearing that she’ll be fired by Greg’s cousin who owns the resort, she agrees to become Greg’s tour guide.

Nathalie Hart plays Cindy Soriano, the career-oriented wife of Greg. She’s the kind of woman who gets what she wants. And right now, she wants to be a free woman.

But when she shows up at the resort and sees Greg with Hydes, she’s surprised to feel affected when he introduces Hydes as his girlfriend.

Hydes is also caught by surprise, but Greg begs her to just go along with this pretense.

How will Hydes and Greg’s fake relationship end? Through all the lying and pretending, will any of the characters recognize what true love is?

In an interview, the three lead stars share that they are familiar with the theme of the movie since a lot of people go through this kind of situation.

However, Joseph made it clear that he has never found himself in this predicament in real life.

He says that he is honest about his feelings.

Yayo Aguila plays a significant role as Hydes’ mother who becomes a man-hater. She discourages Hydes from getting into a relationship with anyone.

Also starring Josh Colet, Thou Reyes, and Eslove Briones Kunwari… Mahal Kita opens in cinemas on March 15 from Viva Films.