CDO Funtastyk celebrates special day for moms

May 27, 2024 People's Tonight 318 views

CDO Funtastyk showered mothers with love and pampering at the Funtastyk Mom’s Day event on May 19, 2024 in Quezon City. The event was a delightful escape for moms, offering relaxation, delicious food and a chance to connect with each other.

Moms were treated to a pampering session that included nail art, hairstyling, makeup and rejuvenating foot massages.

This was followed by a mouthwatering brunch featuring everyone’s favorite CDO tocilog and other delectable treats. Laughter filled the air as moms and their children bonded over shared activities and formed new friendships.

CDO marketing manager Ice Galangan kicked off the event with a heartwarming message: “Today, we celebrate all of you, moms! You’re the incredible superheroes who make life delicious and bright. Being a mom is no easy feat, so we commend you and everything you do.”

Mom Ambassador

Celebrity mom Dimples Romana, together with her son Alonzo, graced the event as mom ambassador of CDO Funtastyk. Dimples spoke about the importance of creating cherished family mealtime traditions with CDO products.

“Memories are built on experiences,” she said. “Having a simple and affordable CDO product on your table becomes a reminder of those special moments shared with loved ones.”

The event transcended a simple brunch, fostering a sense of community among moms. It provided a platform for them to connect, share experiences and learn from each other.

Dimples offered valuable insights on motherhood, resonating with the audience through anecdotes and advice. The highlight for many was the opportunity to chat, take photos and receive personalized tips from Dimples herself.

Attendees received special gift bags to share with their families.

Fun Experience

“Always remember to find strength and beauty within yourselves,” Romana said in her closing remarks. “You are worthy, loved, and valued, even when you don’t hear it. Thank you for joining us, and I hope the CDO family provided everything you needed today.”

The Funtastyk Mom’s Day event with Dimples Romana was a resounding success. It showcased CDO Funtastyk’s dedication to families and creating joyful experiences.

Filled with fun, informative sessions, and pampering moments, the event left attendees feeling relaxed, appreciated and with a renewed sense of joy for motherhood.