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Azurin: PNP reward system proving its worth

February 6, 2023 Alfred P. Dalizon 951 views

AzurinREWARD money being offered by the Philippine National Police (PNP) headed by General Rodolfo S. Azurin Jr. to individuals who can provide accurate information that would lead to the capture of most wanted persons in the country is proving its worth in the PNP’s effort to keep criminals off the streets, the Journal Group learned yesterday.

Last week, 13 men who provided reliable information that resulted in the capture of 13 of the country’s most wanted criminals received more than P1.8 million in reward money from the PNP Directorate for Intelligence (PNP-DI) headed by Major General Benjamin C. Acorda Jr.

Maj. Gen. Acorda personally handed the cash reward to the 13 informants during simple ceremonies held at the PNP national headquarters in Camp Crame. The tipsters are made to wore ski masks to protect their identities amid possible reprisal from the arrested suspects and their ilk.

“These reward claimants provided the vital information that led to the arrest of 13 fugitives from justice, all listed as Most Wanted Persons,” the official said.

Maj. Gen. Acorda reported to Gen. Azurin that the information provided by the 13 led to the arrest of the same number of persons wanted for involvement in heinous crimes ranging from murder, rape, forcible abduction with rape, multiple frustrated murder, and multiple attempted murder.

The official said that granting of monetary rewards to persons (except government employees) who are instrumental to the arrest, surrender or death in legitimate operations of Most Wanted Persons is among the PNP programs to cause the immediate arrest of wanted persons in the country.

The PNP has its own means of updating the list of Wanted Persons (WPs) and Most Wanted Persons (MWPs) from the National, Regional, District, Provincial, City, Municipal levels and NOSUs (National Operational Units) concerned based on a number of parameters.

The move is meant to set a feasible and attainable target for the arrest of WPs and MWPs and effectively measure the performance of all police offices/units and NOSUs concerned.

It is also aimed at maintaining the established Enhanced e-Warrant that could be easily accessed by police officers/units and NOSUs concerned; fast-track the arrest of WPs and MWPs in order to contribute to the process of criminal justice system to serve the ends of justice;

unite and support efforts of all law enforcement units, agencies and the community in the relentless campaign against wanted persons; enhance coordination and collaboration with local and foreign counterparts; and last but not the least, to further improve the PNP’s Crime Solution Efficiency.

Under the system, officials study the gravity of the crime committed by the accused and can place his name in the MWP list if the crime is heinous, the case has become sensational and there are at least two victims.

Police are also studying the notoriety of the accused and are looking at the degree of his/her involvement in the crime, either by being the principal accused, an accomplice or an accessory. Another parameter is that the accused is a habitual/delinquent offender and/or recidivist; has more than one outstanding warrant of arrest; and with a recommended bail of P100,000 and above, including those with no bail recommended.

A reward money can also be put up for the arrest of a mastermind or one who is occupying a sensitive position in the organized crime gang’s scope of operation and impact to security, peace and order in the areas; operates in one or more regions that will qualify him to become a National MWP; or a Regional, Provincial, District and Municipal MWP.

At present, PNP units including the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, Intelligence Group, Highway Patrol Group, Anti-Kidnapping Group, Aviation Security Group, Maritime Group and Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group have been given the task to assist the 17 Police Regional Offices in accounting for wanted criminals in the country.

However, these units have been instructed to ensure that the rule of law and respect for human rights shall always be observed in arresting wanted persons.

Following the release of the monetary reward to the 13, Gen. Azurin called on the Filipino people to continue reporting to authorities suspicious individuals or activities in their surroundings.

“The PNP is grateful to everyone who came forward despite their personal risks and provided timely information that was necessary in order to arrest most wanted persons,” the top cop said.

Last November, the PNP-DI also handed over a total of P3,705,000 in cash rewards to 25 informants who provided the police force with information that led to the arrest of 22 of the country’s most wanted persons as well as three rogue policemen involved in illegal drug activities and are facing charges for violation of Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

The other 22 suspects were wanted for murder, homicide, rape, large-scale illegal recruitment and estafa, robbery with homicide and arson.