Why it pays to invest in diversified assets

February 20, 2022 Ignacio "Toting" Bunye 129 views

Ignacio BunyeBPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation (BPI AMTC), the wealth management arm of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), reports remarkable performance among its Unit Investment Trust Funds, collectively known as BPI Invest.

Exhibiting resilience amid the headwinds that came with the pandemic, among its roster of top-performing funds this year are BPI Invest Global Equity Fund-of-Funds, BPI Invest Philippine Infrastructure Equity Index Fund, BPI Invest US Dollar Short Term Fund, and BPI Invest Money Market Fund.

“Investing in 2021 presented unique challenges. The world economy was earlier anticipated to be fully reopened by this year as the life-saving vaccines became available globally. Instead, the world faced two new COVID-19 virus variants, bringing back lockdowns and market volatility. Investors who remained invested in diversified assets through these uncertain times saw their portfolio yield positive rewards, at a time when current market yields have remained low. Over the long term, this pandemic is expected to significantly change how we live and work. We are optimistic that people and companies will be able to adapt in order to make them more resilient,” says Smith L. Chua, Chief Investment Officer of BPI AMTC.

BPI AMTC’s flagship global equity fund, the BPI Invest Global Equity Fund-of-Funds, reported a one-year return of 15.29% as of November 2021, outperforming its benchmark by 0.54% (over three years) to 1.14% (over five years). The Fund provides access to select offshore funds that are managed by reputable global asset managers such as State Street Global Advisors, Wellington Management, and Capital Group. Its performance, based on risk-adjusted returns over the past five years, has led the CFA Society Philippines to award it as “Best Managed Fund” in the Dollar Equity category for the fifth consecutive year now.

Meanwhile, the influx on public infrastructure spending on the domestic front has given the sector a much needed boost and is expected to continue to fare well and support the Philippines’ economic growth in 2022, according to a report released by Asian Development Bank. BPI AMTC’s very own BPI Invest Philippine Infrastructure Equity Index Fund offers exposure to key infrastructure sectors such as services, industrials, and holding firms. The fund exhibits a stellar one-year performance of 34.73% as of November 2021, the highest among domestic equity index unit investment trust funds based on www.uitf.com.ph, an industry website that tracks and publishes the performance of UITFs in the Philippines. The fund outperforms its benchmark by 0.73% (over three years) to 0.81% (over four years).

BPI AMTC also offers investors haven from the volatilities of today’s market with money market funds that provide stable returns such as BPI Invest Money Market Fund for Philippine peso investors and BPI Invest US Dollar Short Term Fund for US dollar investors. BPI Invest Money Market Fund posted 1.13% returns while BPI Invest US Dollar Short Term Fund reported 0.29%, some of the highest one-year returns in their respective categories also according to www.uitf.com.ph.

Trust BPI Invest

In an effort to regain investor confidence in the Philippines amid the backlash of the global pandemic, BPI AMTC launched #TrustBPIInvest, a dynamic campaign that aims to reintroduce its line of top-performing Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) or BPI Invest Funds.

Anchored in its unwavering commitment to its customers throughout the years, the campaign highlights the biggest moments in one’s lifetime and how BPI Invest empowers customers to dream big, take on risks, and embrace their full potential as they navigate the intricacies of life. The campaign focuses on trust as the integral theme that builds the most important relationships and allows crucial decisions to be made in one’s lifetime.

“The campaign reflects our brand’s commitment to always be present in the lives of our customers. Whether they are starting out in their careers, planning their next destination, and building up funds for big purchases, beginning a family, or thinking of retirement, our wide range of BPI Invest funds can cater to their specific needs. We believe that everyone’s journey is unique, and success is not always a linear path. Our commitment is that wherever you are in the journey and whatever your goals are, we will meet you there. You can place your trust in our experience, expertise, and in our commitment to you and to your growth and success,” says Sheila Marie U. Tan, President and CEO of BPI AMTC.

Today, BPI AMTC sits on a total of Php 882 billion in assets under management, capturing 18% of the market share in the Philippines. The company is home to 34 multi-awarded and innovative BPI Invest funds that allow Filipinos to access the most promising industries in the local and global investment space.

BPI AMTC remains at the forefront of financial inclusion in the country by offering suitable BPI Invest Funds that address specific needs of their clients, wherever they are in their investment journey. To know more about BPI Invest, visit https://bit.ly/BPIINVEST-UITF