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We need more leaders like Sec. Boying Remulla

January 30, 2023 Paul M. Gutierrez 3596 views

PaulWE agree and support the stand of Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Boying Remulla over his vehement refusal to allow the International Criminal Court (ICC) to persist in investigating the country, particularly, President Duterte and some of his officials, over the country’s ‘War on Drugs’ during his administration.

As Sec. Boying rightly puts it, the issue, really, is one of national sovereignty and therefore, our national pride and faith in the functioning of our own judicial system. The ICC’s insistence is colored not only by geo-politics but at the bottom, by racial discrimination and Western arrogance over their former colonial people in Asia, Africa and other Third World countries.

This arrogance is manifested by the fact that we are no longer a member of the ICC.

But despite this, the Philippines continues to cooperate and submit documents for scrutiny by relevant international bodies as regards the country’s human rights records and yet, for these foreign “devils,” nothing that we do or submit would be for their satisfaction.

Indeed, the visit here recently by the ICC and other international human rights ‘watchers’ was part of the initiative and goodwill (‘kabutihang loob’) that SOJ Boying granted to them in the course of his presentation last year before the International Human Rights Council in Geneva.

And for our kindness, these foreigners have the nerve to trample on our national sovereignty right here on our doorsteps.

Pardon the harsh words but one cannot help it when, on consideration, everyone is aware of the gross human rights abuses the Western powers, down the ages, have inflicted on the rest of the world in their march towards empire and their version of ‘greatness.’

And because they are still at it—in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan,Venezuela, Iran,Ukraine, Eastern Europe, etc.,– they now want to wash their hands of their crimes against humanity by harassing “small potatoes” like the Philippines.

Fault, too, must be laid against the crypto human rights groups in the Philippines, particularly the front organizations and cadres of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the highly paid (by foreigners) segment of the Philippine media, whose sole effort is to demonize the country before the international community in order to make us vulnerable to foreign pressure while making their wallets fat from foreign donations.

We are not making such sweeping statement out of plain disgust and irritation, but we are making it out of knowledge that this turning of human rights as an issue of primordial concern (to them) has become a business and a racket for Western Imperialism who is always out seeking to dominate and exploit other countries’ peoples and resources.

Thankfully for them too, there are and there will always be those who are always out there to sell their country for their own benefit, especially here in our country where not one sector of society has not fallen prey to brainwashing and material inducements by the ‘White Men.’

The country needs more national leaders like Sec. Jesus Crispin Remulla.