Sharon affected by KathNiel breakup

December 4, 2023 Mario Bautista 459 views

Sharon1Sharon2SHARON Cuneta has an entry in the Metro Manila Filmfest this year and it’s also her first movie with Alden Richards, “A Family of Two”.

This is produced by Cineko Productions, written by Mel Mendoza-del Rosario and directed by Nuel Naval, the same team that brought us the heartwarming drama last year, “Family Matters”, that has won a lot of awards, like in the last The Eddys. How did Sharon feel when the movie was offered to her?

“When they told me I’d be working with Alden Richards, right away, sabi ko, ‘Ay, si Alden, go go go!’ agad,” she says. “Also, it’s written by Mel del Rosario, who’s a master, so kahit hindi ko pa nabasa ang script, let’s do it. I really miss doing this type of movie na wholesome, funny and also heartwarming. The movies I did before, mabigat yung drama para mapaiyak ang audience. This one, hindi ganun. It’s light but also touching.”

In the story, her son was only five years old when her husband died so Alden grew up so attached to his mom. But eventually, he finished college, got his own career and has to leave Sharon to work somewhere else. Of course, it’s very difficult for Sharon to let go of her only child.

“I can relate with my character as I’ve experienced it twice,” she says. “First was when KC studied in Europe, then when Frankie went to study in New York. Next year, it would be Miel’s turn to leave for abroad. Miguel is 14 now and in another four years time, he’ll also study abroad.”

She thinks it’s perfect for the Christmas season. “It’s about love between family members, it feels good and heartfelt kaya bagay talaga sa Kapaskuhan.”

So how is it working with Alden? “From the start, I really felt anak ko siya talaga. And I realized kung sino ‘yung mga sikat talaga, siya pang very humble. So easy to get along with. Even my own kids said that we are so alike. And it’s true, we think along the way way. He’s like a male Sharon and I’m a female Alden.”

And how is it working with Direk Nuel Naval? “It’s my first time and napakasimple niya. Tahimik lang but once he starts giving instructions, you’d know that he knows what he is doing. He’s so humble kaya naman we really want to do every scene right for him.”

Sharon has joined the Metro Manila Filmfest twice. First was in 2003 for “Crying Ladies” and then in 2009 where she won best actress for “Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love”. What are her chances of bagging the award this time?

“I will answer that,” Alden volunteers. “She has a scene with me na wala siyang dialogue, mata-mata lang, but she got all the nuances right that everyone on the set was crying as they watched her. For that scene alone, for me, best actress na siya.”

Because of the movie, Sharon will now appear in a Kapuso show, “Family Feud”, where she gets to be a guest along with the film’s writer and director to help promote “A Family of Two”. The movie also stars Jackielou Blanco as her best friend who tells her not to focus all her time on her son but also to have a life of her own, Miles Ocampo as Alden’s domineering boss, Pepe Herrera as Alden’s supportive officemate and Tonton Gutierrez as the guy Alden is trying to match with his mom.

The Megastar was one of the celebrities affected by the KathNiel breakup. She wrote in her social media account: “All we can and should do is pray for them. Please, let us not take sides like Kath has requested. Be kind to those who are hurting and pray for them instead of judging and making up stories in our heads.”

She says what happened reminded her of her own marital breakup with Gabby Concepcion in 1987. “It brought me back to ‘that time’ in my life… because I had to endure my pain and face public scrutiny more than once, and I am not even sure if I would ever have to go through all that again. I am crying for you because I too have loved you as much as you both did. I am so proud of how you have handled this whole situation but this too shall pass.”