Direk Darryl’s hands full in 2024

December 4, 2023 Mario Bautista 403 views

Viva1Viva2DIRECTOR Darryl Yap’s first film this year was “Martyr or Murderer” shown in February. He seems to have hibernated for ten months and now comes up with a new movie, “Para Kang Papa Mo”. It is his 15th movie since he debuted in “Jowable” and it will be shown in theaters on December 13. What’s it all about?

“I’m a 1990s kid and it’s meant to be a reunion for the Guwapings,” he says. “Mark Anthony Fernandez, Erik Fructuoso and Jao Mapa play the fathers here now and ang katumbas nila sa present, the Hashtags. Mga anak nila rito sina Nikko Natividad, Zeus Collins and Kid Yambao ng Hashtags. And kasama rin dito si Ruby Ruiz who I’ve always wanted to work with. Siya ang manager ng Guwapings dito and provides comic relief.”

He’s glad that Viva’s boss Vic granted all his requests with the film’s casting. Is he satisfied with their performances in the movie?

“Yes, of course. They all do their homeworks at hindi ako nagkaroon ng problema sa shoot dahil lahat sila, they all delivered in their respective roles.”

How come it took so long before he came up with a new movie after “Martyr or Murderer”? “Viva wanted me to lessen my involvement in political films and for me to concentrate in my contract with them. Marami akong pelikulang hindi natuloy itong taong ito, so I’m doing my best to make more films in the coming 2024.”

Is it true he is doing a movie with Vilma Santos? “Saan nyo po nabalitaan? When it comes to the artists I’m working with, I am not allowed to say their names pa. But I have scheduled six films for the new year and the first one will be a reunion movie with Kim Molina-Jerald Napoles to be shot in Korea. Yun puede ko nang sabihin, but the rest hindi pa. Two other films will also be shot outside of our country and will star two big superstars.”

He’s happy with “Para Kang Papa Mo”. “It tackles something that has never been tackled in Philippines cinema. About a father who has had experiences with gay people at nang magkaanak siya, it turns out gay pala ang anak niya. This is a family movie na pinagsama ang comedy and drama. The comedy here is something that harks back to the 90s when we’re not yet so politically correct. Even millennials will be able to relate with the hilarious humor of the Hashtags.”

He adds that both Mark Anthony Fernandez as the ex-convict dad and Nikko Natividad as the trans son are very good in the movie.

“Si Mark dito, nabilanggo kasi inako niya ang crime committed by their whole group. While he’s in jail, he learned that his girl, Rose Van Ginkel, gave birth to their son, na lumaki ngang isang gay. Mark accepts his son’s sexual orientation and will prove to be a good father kasi he is ready to make his own sacrifices for his son.”

“Para Kang Papa Mo” opens in theaters nationwide on December 13.