Rose Van deserves an acting nomination

February 20, 2023 Mario Bautista 1039 views

ROSE Van Ginkel gave one of last year’s strongest lead female performances in “Kitty K7” as a simple graphic artist who bloomed when her boyfriend cheated on her and she became a seductive camgirl named Kitty K7 on the internet. We think she deserves to get an acting nomination for her effective title-role portrayal. Her career is really on a roll as she also plays a good role in “Martyr or Murderer” and she is paired with a Korean actor in the Disney Plus action series, “Big Bet”.

She now plays another important role in the Vivamax mini series, “Stalkers”, as Apple, the secret object of affection of Wilbert Ross as the introverted Harry, who gets obsessed with her and starts stalking her. Has she ever been stalked in real life?

“Yes po,” says Rose who just celebrated her birthday the day before the Sunday zoom presscon of “Stalkers”. “In college, may nagi-stalk sa akin. Lagi akong inaabangan, giving me all sorts of gifts. It became scary, kaya natakot akong lumabas for a while. Buti na lang tumigil din siya.”

“Stalkers” is directed by Easy Ferrer, who has previously directed films like “Finding You” and “The Missing” for Regal and the Boys Love series, “Ben and Jim”. It answers the question: What happens when an obsessive person develops very strong feelings for someone?

“Stalkers” is the story of a young man with a dark and mysterious past who develops a deep infatuation for a seductive woman, Harry (Wilbert Ross), an IT expert in a BPO company.

Even if he’s good looking, Harry often shies away from others because of a skin condition that gives him insecurities and a lack of self-esteem. Though he always keeps to himself, he has some serious issues bordering on sexual perversion that make him fantasize about women.

One of the women Harry fantasizes about is Apple (Rose Van Ginkel) who is beautiful and seductive. Apple appears to be very fun-loving and confident, but she also has this enigmatic personality that makes people drawn into her. Just like her name, she is the Apple of the eye of many men, and Harry is no exception.

Harry’s admiration for Apple turns into an obsession, and he follows her secretly wherever she goes. In short, he becomes her stalker.

How long will Harry spy on Apple? What more will he discover about her? And if he does find out something unsavory about her, will his admiration for her lessen? Or will he want her more?

“Stalkers” is a Vivamax Original Series. Also joining the cast are Mark Anthony Fernandez, Yayo Aguila, Nico Locco, Gwen Garci, Keanna Reeves, Millen Gal, Chloe Jenna, Rash Flores and Shienna Yu. It will replace “Erotica Manila” on Sundays starting February 26.