Manila Water’s TPSB serves 2M Pinoys from low-income communities

June 4, 2022 People's Tonight 371 views

MANILA Water Company reported that its social flagship program, “Tubig Para sa Barangay” (TPSB), has now reached nearly two million people from marginalized communities across the east zone of Metro Manila.

Aiming to provide sustainable water to the urban poor, TPSB completed more than 800 projects that supplied clean, potable water to 1.8 million Filipinos living in some of the poorest communities in the east zone area.

“TPSB is a win-win solution for our customers, and the company as this program is able to address the water needs of low-income communities while reducing high systems losses,” said Manila Water Corporate Communications Affairs Group Head Jeric Sevilla Jr. said.

According to Sevilla, TPSB addresses various situations prevalent in some communities, such as the so-called “spaghetti” or illegal water connections, low water pressure to no water, leaks, and poor customer service in general.

“Now, these communities have a 24/7 water supply that is clean and safe to drink,” said Sevilla.

The water is tested regularly and has been compliant with the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water reducing water-borne diseases and improving the health conditions in the area.

TPSB executes sustainable strategies to ensure program continuity, including technical solutions and community partnerships.

It subsidizes up to 65% of the total service connection fee, while the remaining 35% is payable in 12 months and is added to their monthly water consumption fees.

“The most important strategy is the involvement of the community every step of the way. Pre, during, and post-implementation, the beneficiaries, and the local government units [LGUs] are consulted. This evokes their sense of ownership in the program and makes them more participatory,” Sevilla added.

Until recently, TPSB also provided beneficiary communities with livelihood opportunities, such as manufacturing meter protectors and handicrafts. “Cooperatives were formed for this purpose,” Sevilla explained.

Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 1 or No Poverty, Manila Water supports and enables marginalized communities by providing clean, potable water through TPSB or water for low-income communities.