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High cost of onions cause of less rape cases in Ecija?

February 6, 2023 Steve A. Gosuico 381 views

Onion-shaped bulb known to increase libido

CUYAPO, Nueva Ecija – Onions — which are known to increase libido — and their prohibitive prices in the local market are believed linked to the dip in rape incidents in Ecija.

A Nueva Ecija Police data showed that the number of rape cases in the province dippedfrom November until December last year when onion prices suddenly increased drastically.

It was also reported earlier that the steep price of onion, scientifically known as Allium Cepa, has also forced many low-income families to skip eating the staple ingredient while some eateries have stopped or limited using them in their dishes.

According to the police report, 223 rape incidents were recorded for 2022 in the province. From a 26-rape tally in October, it decreased to 16 in November and 12 cases in December.

Town police head Lt. Col. Erwin V. Ferry said that during a recent conference meeting of police chiefs at the Nueva Ecija Police Provincial Office (NEPPO) presided over by top cop Col. Richard V. Caballero, the topic involving the number of rape cases in the province was discussed.

“Anong programa ang ginawa natin na naging effective kaya kumonti ang rape cases sa lalawigan,” Ferry told the Journal Group, quoting an unnamed police head who cited the “declining rate” of rape cases that were logged during the year-end period in the police journal.

Ferry said a quick reply was instantly heard from another police chief, who shared his comment during the conference meeting: “Nagmahal kasi ang sibuyas kaya dumalang ang rape incidence sa atin.”

This remark immediately drew loud guffaws around the conference room, said the town police chief, noting that the reply was well-taken, whether as a “joke” or a fact.

According to studies, onions are known aphrodisiacs or foods that stimulate “sexual desire” or increase libido and enhance testosterone production in males.

Ferry, who noted that this town registered zero rape incidence from Nov. until Dec. 2022, said this analogy between the low incidence of rape cases vis-a-vis the high price of onions in the local market could “hold true” depending upon the current circumstances.

In Nueva Ecija, it was learned that the province’s urban centers, such as the cities of Cabanatuan and Gapan, followed by Talavera and San Jose City, registered the most number of rape cases in 2022 – with 22 cases each for Cabanatuan and Gapan; Talavera 21; and San Jose City with 18 cases.

Surprisingly, Bongabon, dubbed the country’s “Onion Capital” tallied only one rape case, along with the towns of Carranglan, Licab, and Pantabangan.