Drunken driving

December 6, 2023 People's Tonight 117 views

IN the Philippines, vehicular accidents claim the lives of many motorists, passengers and even pedestrians almost throughout the year.

Admittedly, one of the major causes of deadly road mishaps in the country, notably in densely-populated areas, is drunken driving.

Of course, we share the view of experts that heavy drinking affects an individual’s motor skills, such as eye, hand and foot coordination.

And without crucial coordination skills, even a long time driver may be unable to avoid impending harmful situations.

With driving, there are so many things that require a driver’s concentration, such as staying in his or her lane and speed.

This December, when Christmas parties are held almost daily, we cannot overemphasize the importance of avoiding drinking if you are a driver.

“Dahil panahon ngayon ng kasayahan, dapat huwag uminom ang mga drayber para maiwasan ang aksidente o sakuna sa daan,” an elderly driver said.

He cited the massive social, physical and psychological costs of excessive alcohol consumption.

According to the elderly family driver, so many lives are cut short because of the presence of hard-headed people who drink and drive.

Indeed, the lives of people are forever changed or wasted because a drug-crazed or drunk individual decided to take the wheel and drive.