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QCPD better now due to modern tech

May 26, 2024 Alfred P. Dalizon 190 views

QCPDBANKING on modern technology to arrest and solve criminality, the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) announced the results of its anti-criminality campaign with the help of state-of-the-art tools and other equipment.

The QCPD, headed by Brigadier General Redrico A. Maranan, launched its Unified Intelligence and Investigation Center at the QCPD Integrated Command and Control Center in Camp Karingal.

Described as a groundbreaking achievement in the realm of law enforcement, the pioneering initiative saw the debut of the first-ever Facial Recognition App implemented by the QCPD to set a new standard for security and crime prevention.

The Facial Recognition App revolutionizes law enforcement efforts by providing swift and accurate identification of suspects.

Within the UIIC system, trained QCPD personnel are utilizing advanced tools such as the Facial Recognition App alongside cyber-patrolling and the integrated e-Warrant and r-Rogue Online Systems of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Through rapid analysis, the system delivers real-time results of the database search, furnishing vital information including the identity and criminal history of apprehended lawbreakers.

“This seamless integration of technology enables swift police intervention, empowering our officers to respond promptly to emerging threats,” said Maranan.

The official said that the establishment of the UIIC and the implementation of the Facial Recognition App represent a significant milestone in their effort to enhance public safety and security.

Last May 19, the QCPD also used a drone to capture two men accused of robbing passengers of a jeepney.

The suspects, identified as Kenneth dela Peña and Jomar de Leon, boarded the jeepney in front of a bank along Aurora Boulevard before announcing the robbery-holdup at gunpoint.

Members of the QCPD Station 7, along with a QCPD Drone Team and local barangay officials, pursued the suspects who were identified through CCTV footage near the scene of the crime.

Recovered from them were a handgun, a small volume of shabu and several drug paraphernalia.

The two were arrested after a QCPD drone caught them fleeing and later climbed roofs to prevent arrest.

They are now facing criminal charges for robbery-holdup and violation of Republic Act 10591 or the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulations Act of 2013 and RA 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002

He said that from September 1, 2023 to May 15, 2024, the QCPD accounted for 183 individuals in possession of loose firearms and seized 198 light weapons and small arms as a result of 179 operations against illegal guns during the period.

The QCPD also launched 1,319 anti-drug operations during the period which resulted in the arrest of 2,197 known drug personalities and the confiscation of nearly 33.3 kilograms of shabu and other prohibited drugs valued at P55.936 million.

During the eight-month period, they also hauled to jail 2,062 various crime suspects.

He said their focused effort to combat the Eight Focus Crimes in QC during the period led in a remarkable 21.43 percent decrease in the eight major crimes which include murder, homicide, rape, robbery, theft, physical injury and motor vehicle and motorcycle theft.

The QCPD likewise recorded a 100 percent Crime Clearance Efficiency and a 95.45 percent Crime Solution Efficiency from May 6-12, he added.

The Q.C. police force’s campaign against illegal gambling also netted 3,496 individuals and nearly P510,000 in cash bets.

Its implementation of the ‘No Plate, No Travel’ policy also led in the impounding of 295 motorcycles from April 26 to May 5 alone, the biggest catch made by the District Tactical Motorized Unit which accounted for 113 motorcycles followed by the District Traffic Enforcement Unit with 21.

The QCPD also neutralized Gelbirth Puerto, alias Boss Bay, the suspected leader of a robbery-holdup gang operating in Metro Manila and Calabarzon region; and Jomari Campillo, a wanted person.

Campillo has a pending warrant of arrest for frustrated murder.

The QCPD District Special Operations Unit also apprehended a fake ‘feng shui’ expert Ivan Borromeo alias ‘Celine/Mark Lester Alvarez who is facing a number of estafa and theft cases.

The QCPD also received nearly P11.8 million worth of truck and mountain bikes from the Q.C. local government.

Under Maranan, the QCPD also launched the Project Tulay sa Pagbabago (TUPA) which was designed to reform, educate and discipline all members of the unit through an extensive 15-day training program to help the PNP internal cleansing strategy and disciplinary mechanism principles.

Maranan also bared that they have successfully transformed Camp Karingal into an ‘environmentally-conscious haven’ in line with the environmental advocacies being championed by Mayor Joy Belmonte.

“We are also committed to sustain our best practices to promote urban farming initiatives, foster food security and facilitate sustainable development among our men.

By harnessing our rainwater collection system, we have likewise significantly reduced our water consumption while promoting responsible water usage,” the QCPD director said.