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SPD Project Kindred to instill good manners among cops

June 17, 2024 Alfred P. Dalizon 151 views

SPDIN an effort to address complaints about some disrespectful or ill-mannered cops, the Southern Police District (SPD) launched its own Project Kindred that aims to ensure all members of the SPD will treat the public as members of their family, the Journal Group learned.

Headed by Brigadier General Leon Victor Z. Rosete, the SPD Project Kindred aims to instill in the minds of all SPD personnel to treat all complainants as members of their immediate family who deserve the best assistance they can offer round-the-clock.

“Through this program, we are focusing to further improve the delivery of police service to the general public and earn their nod and satisfaction,” said Brig. Gen. Rosete.

Other officials said the Philippine National Police (PNP) leadership can also learn a lot from the same project noting the number of public complaints about officers in many police stations across the country known for their rude behavior when it comes to dealing with complainants.

Then there are some officers who literally judge a book by its cover as they appear to shoo away poor complainants and refer their cases to the barangays but are quick to react when the client is well-dressed and arrives via expensive cars and SUVs.

One official said that if PNP chief, General Rommel Francisco D. Marbil will apply the same project nationwide, it would mean a lot to the PNP’s continuing effort to enhance public trust and confidence to the police force as it would specifically reduce many text or SMS complaints about policemen who are grouchy or ill-tempered.

It would also help address complaints about so much delay in the release of documents with police officers complaining too that in many cases, their request for available documents needed in an ongoing operation or investigation takes 10-15 days before being released by concerned Camp Crame offices or units.

The SPD Project Kindred had for its references the PNP Memorandum Circular No. 2019-046 or the Police Community Affairs and Development Master Plan on ‘Tagataguyod,’ Republic Act 9485 or the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007; the PNP Letter of Instruction 21/09 which centers on the formulation of a Citizens’ Charter and the Reengineering of the Internal Frontline Services of the PNP; and the guidance given by Gen. Marbil during the PNP Command Conference last May 11.

It said that over the years, the PNP ‘has been criticized, maligned and ridiculed by external clients due to disappointments, misconduct and other irregularities committed by some police personnel particularly those who are providing “Frontline Services.”

With this, the PNP has conceptualized several programs and projects which aim to improve the image of PNP personnel by ensuring they provide service to the public with respect, courtesy and a smile.

It also reiterated s policies on courteous and respectful treatment of all clients.

However, despite the number of policy guidelines and issues being issued to improve the delivery of services, the PNP still continues to receive SMS messages/reports and personal complaints regarding the presence of policemen who are ‘‘bastos at walang malasakit’ to the public.

It also aims to satisfy the expectations of the public in terms of customer/ clientele service and treat every clientele as their family members and relatives.

It also aims to analyze such concerns and problems and assist in the resolution, or refer to appropriate offices for action to ensure timely feedback similar to those found in private business establishments.

The SPD Project Kindred will also ensure improvements in their facilities and equipment as they establish a quality and organized workplace that promotes clean and client-friendly offices.

Brig. Gen. Rosete has ordered the conduct of refresher courses and seminars that will teach SPD personnel proper etiquette in handling calls, proper face-to-face client interaction skills and techniques to exceed clientele expectations.

The official said he wants the alignment of competency of personnel who will be assigned to provide frontline services to their clients with the end in view of having clear and well-defined responsibilities and accountabilities.

The SPD has also sought the assistance of their different stakeholders and advocacy support groups in helping the program succeed.

He said that he wants all elevated complaints/referral desks be removed and replaced by a more client-oriented quality service desk similar to those found in many private business establishments in Metro Manila and other urban parts of the country.

The SPD District Community-Affairs Development Division will serve as the overall Office of Primary Responsibility in the implementation of their Project: Kindred which will be fully implemented in all SPD stations and offices at the district headquarters.