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What Bela calls Kim

June 17, 2024 Leah C. Salterio 82 views

BelaBela1RECENTLY, actresses Bela Padilla and Kim Chiu took their time to travel together on their own. They wanted to take their time on doing what they really want to do. So without any pressure, they didn’t follow a strict itinerary.

The two are close friends, so Bela found time to ask Kim about her tips on Being Limitless. Bela even calls Kim the “Queen of Character Development.”

Aside from being an actress, Kim is also a business woman and content creator after 17 years in showbiz. “You are always relevant,” Bela told Kim. “You know how to reinvent yourself. In life, you should always have a learning curve.

“You’re one of the people who knows how to turn everything happening to you into something better. That’s always a conscious effort of your part.”

Kim admitted, “Siyempre, it’s always a conscious effort because no one really helps me. It’s really up to me whether or not to accept any help offered to me.

“All the people who accept help are blessed people. Not all people get to help. There are really people who help. Whether you like it or not, if someone offers to help, accept it fully.”

Kim acknowledged there are many people who helped her in her career through the years. If not for them, her life wouldn’t be as successful as it is now.

“Madami sila,” Kim said. “Ate Lakam, she gave up her whole entire life just to be there beside me and help me in managing the financial aspect of my career. She also helps me in family matters, even family issues.”

Her Ate Lakam has been Kim’s parent figure while she was growing up, having no mom or dad around. “We have a ten-year age gap,” Kim disclosed. “She is super mature and really fierce.”

Her older sister allowed Kim to unlock her full potential as an actress and a performer. She used her family as inspiration to be “limitless” and reach her full potentials.

Another person who has great helped Kim in her career is director Lauren Dyogi, who has been her “key” to show business. “If you are telling yourself, ‘I cannot do this.’ You really can’t.

“If I didn’t cross paths with direk Lauren in the food court of Cebu City, where he did the auditions for Pinoy Big Brother Teens, I would probably be working as a manager of a bank now, who’s counting lots of money for other people. Or I would also be probably a fashion model.

“Every year was a struggle for our family then. There was no one to send us to school at that time. Then I heard about the auditions for PBB and I convinced myself to try. Active naman ako sa school in extra-curricular activities.”

Direk Lauren has been Kim’s father figure through the years who allows her to make decisions where she really needs to seriously think about it. “Sobra siyang honest sa akin,” she said. “He guides me in my career and shows me what needs to be improved.”

Kim’s third person is her former road manager, Edith Fariñas, who is now a manager. “During my milestones in life, Ate Edith was always there,” Kim shared. “We shared not only my happy moments, but also my downfall.

“She was there through my ups and downs. When my mom died, she was there. I didn’t know how to decide for myself. Ate Edith was always there in a lot of ways. She always tells me how to say no. I find it hard to say no.

“She advised me to not do this anymore. Don’t do this and don’t do that. She always reminds me about self-worth and self-respect. I’m so glad there’s an Ate Edith in my life.”

Kim acknowledged she has so much time and she takes life one day at a time. Bela regards her actress-friend as the “queen of character development.”

“Before, whatever it is that people noticed about me and they found it negatively, I ways tried to change,” Kim said. “When I entered showbiz from joining a reality show, I didn’t know anything. Zero. Para akong gusot na damit na pinaplantsa palagi so magiging maayos.”

Whatever crease she noticed in her life, Kim knew how to iron it out. “Hindi ako marunong sumayaw, but I learned to improve,” she said. “Sometimes, it’s also nice to read comments in social media. It can also build your ego and your confidence. It’s uplifting.”

In the pandemic, Kim was inspired to venture into the bag business, House of Little Bunny. “While I was cleaning my bags, I wanted to make affordable bags for others,” she said. “So I made an effort to start House of Little Bunny, not as expensive as my bag collection.”

Kim even flies to Bangkok to check what she can include to her collection. She wanted to produce something in good quality, for her fans and audience.

“This is a new world that I started without training in sales, marketing, investing, cargo, shipping, material check. I talked to people to get updates who could do that for me, then I started delegating the jobs. I needed to get inspiration.

“I’d rather break down every day in the taping than think about mathematics of my business.”