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Barking at the wrong tree; helping at the right time

August 9, 2022 Mario Fetalino Jr. 345 views

Mario FetalinoSTORIES from the intelligence community indicate the massive demolition job against the ‘Little President’ is a big fiasco because the plotters were hitting the wrong target.

It appears the conspirators led by a self-proclaimed ‘power broker’ of Malacanang should be directing their ire to the group of a popular vlogger who caused their great miseries.

According to sources, the camp of the vlogger, reportedly a member of the screening committee of the BBM Headquarters, was the one – not the Little President — who shot down the endorsements of the persistent influence peddler.

The logroller came into being during the last presidential campaign where he allegedly raised funds for BBM with the help of big traders, one of them is a Chinese entrepreneur from whom he got P50 million in exchange for a juicy government project or position.

There was no verification though on the delivery of such funds to BBM camp.

In fairness, the vlogger’s group was doing a great job for BBM and the country in declining endorsements of individuals with cases or bad records.

It was learned the bigtime fixer was pushing for businessmen and former government executives with questionable backgrounds for top positions at the Bureau of Customs, Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Land Transportation Office.

With the papers of his endorsements going to the trash bin, the kingmaker got so embarrassed.

In a desperate attempt to deliver promises to his disappointed clients, the poor wire puller launched a smear drive against the Little President, hoping it could turn things around.

But he miserably failed.

For barking at the wrong tree, the power broker just made his world smaller.


In helping, timing is important. And State pension fund Government Service Insurance System is very much aware of this.

Just days after a 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the country last July 27, the GSIS opened its emergency loan program to nearly 7,000 members and pensioners in Abra, the epicenter of the devastating tremblor.

“We are encouraging our members and pensioners who have been affected by the earthquake to avail of the GSIS emergency loan. Nandito po ang GSIS para tumulong,” GSIS president and general manager Wick Veloso said in response to the appeal of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to ensure that those who need help receive assistance from the government.

As early as July 28, the day after the earthquake, the pension fund has already announced that it is prepared to open the emergency loan facility to extend financial assistance to its members and pensioners in Northern Luzon.

However, under the guidelines, GSIS has to wait for the declaration of the affected localities as calamity areas before it could open the loan program.

“The other provinces in North Luzon have yet to be declared as calamity areas but GSIS is ready to open the emergency loan program once the declaration has been done, “Veloso said.

Affected active GSIS members working or residing as well as old-age and disability pensioners residing in the area may apply for the loan until September 4.

Members and pensioners with existing emergency loan and would like to apply for the loan anew may borrow up to P40,000. The remaining balance will be deducted from their loan proceeds. While those without emergency loan, may apply for a P20,000 loan. Pensioners may similarly borrow P20,000.

The proceeds will be directly credited to the borrower’s UMID card or temporary eCard Plus account.

GSIS already deployed six portable GSIS Wireless Automated Processing System (GWAPS) kiosks to far-flung areas in the province to enable prospective loan applicants to save time and money in applying for the loan.

Good job GSIS!


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