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Tansingco slams fake news

May 7, 2023 Jun I. Legaspi 211 views

BUREAU of Immigration (BI) Commissioner Norman Tansingco shared his frustration over fake news about BI operations at the airports.

Tansingco lamented about posts circulating on social media on Sunday stating that there are only four immigration officers on duty despite long lines.

“We made efforts to ensure to maximize our manpower,” said Tansingco. “Posting inaccurate information only confuses the public and causes unnecessary panic to travelers,” he added.

He further appealed to the public not to post about BI’s airport operations without factual basis.

Tansingco shared that so far, they have received positive feedback on their operations, particularly during the peak season. He also encouraged travelers to post their experiences on social media for the public to see the various improvements made in airport operations.

“We are also using social media to post photos of our operations every two hours during weekends and holidays, to allow travelers to prepare should there be any congestion,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Tansingco shared that they are conducting pre-qualifying examinations for Visayas applicants at the Cebu Doctors University from May 5-7.

“We want to ensure that all qualified applicants from all parts of the country get a chance to apply for positions in the Bureau,” said Tansingco. “We only want the best of the best amongst our ranks,” he added.

The BI recently reported hiring 147 added immigration officers that are currently undergoing training under the Philippine Immigration Academy.