Pasahero Party-list: Strict adherence to health protocols must continue with increased public transport capacity

November 2, 2021 People's Journal 168 views

THE PASAHERO Party-list has reminded the public to remain vigilant and continue adhering to health protocols following the government’s decision to increase the seating capacity for public utility vehicles (PUVs) in Metro Manila and adjacent provinces.

“While we welcome and support the latest government directive as this will help and improve the plight of our commuters, we wish to remind the public to strictly comply with minimum health standards for COVID-19,” said the party-list group through its spokesperson lawyer Homer Alinsug.

The party-list group was reacting to the decision of the government’s pandemic task force increasing to 70 percent the passenger capacity for PUVs, including buses and jeepneys, plying the National Capital Region and the provinces of Bulacan, Rizal, Cavite and Laguna, starting November 4.

Alinsug said that although PASAHERO fully understands the rationale behind the directive, passengers should be reminded that they must continue to take steps to protect themselves from COVID-19.

“This government directive will effectively address the lack of available transportation for the riding public, but we should never let our guard down because coronavirus is still around,” he pointed out.

PASAHERO also suggested some measures to ensure the health and safety of Filipino passengers and commuters, whom the party-list group represents.

These include regular disinfection of PUVs and terminals and strict observance of minimum health protocols.

“Cleanliness of facilities is a must at all times and disinfectants and sanitizers must always be available for the passengers’ free use,” Alinsug said.

Alinsug said both passengers and drivers must “at all times” observe health protocols, such as physical distancing and wearing of face masks and face shields.

“Our commuters are the driving force of the economy. We cannot afford them getting sick, thus the need to ensure minimal risk of infection,” Alinsug said.

PASAHERO, also known as the Passengers and Riders Organization Inc., is a party-list group representing Filipino commuters and passengers. The Commission on Elections recently declared the group as a party-list candidate eligible to participate in the May 2022 general elections.