April 17, 2024 Camille P. Balagtas 58 views

FORMER Senate President Franklin M. Drilon urged Pastor Apollo Quiboloy to face the music and appear before the Senate following the Supreme Court to grant the Temporary Restraining Order sought by the self-proclaimed “Son of God.”

In a statement, Drilon emphasized the significance of the SC’s refusal to grant a TRO to Quiboloy, saying it reinforces the constitutional authority of the Senate to conduct inquiries in aid of legislation.

“The Supreme Court, in refusing to grant the TRO prayed for by Quiboloy, upheld the principle of separation of powers between the equal branches of the government,” Drilon said.

He added: “The Supreme Court recognized the constitutional power of the Senate, as it has consistently ruled in the past, to conduct inquiries in aid of legislation.”

Drilon also stressed that the ruling respects the authority of the Senate to issue an arrest order against Quiboloy, necessary for the performance of its mandate.

The former Senate leader and justice secretary said Quiboloy, like any other citizen, is subject to the processes of the Senate.

Drilon said Quiboloy should comply with the Senate’s directives, cooperate with the ongoing investigation, and testify before the Senate committee investigating, in aid of legislation, allegations on sexual abuses.

“Quiboloy should accord due respect to the ruling of the Supreme Court and the processes of the Senate, as upheld by the SC,” he said.

The Senate had issued an arrest order against Quiboloy after he refused to appear before a hearing regarding allegations of sexual abuse. Quiboloy turned to the Supreme Court to nullify the contempt order.