July 11, 2023 People's Journal 230 views

Putting customers first, MORE Power grants second round of bill deposit refunds in Iloilo City

ILOILO City — MORE Power Iloilo, the exclusive electricity provider in Iloilo City, is making significant strides in ensuring customer satisfaction by disbursing bill deposit refunds to eligible consumers. On July 7, 2023, the company distributed the second round of refunds, offering financial relief and reinforcing its commitment to its valued customers.

Under the refund program, MORE Power aims to provide refunds to customers who have consistently paid their bills on time for 36 months, or three years, without experiencing any payment disruptions, consistent with the Magna Carta.

In May 2023, three eligible customers received a total refund of 9,000 pesos in bill deposits. Furthermore, in June 2023, 20 eligible customers were refunded a total of 65,500 pesos in bill deposits. By the end of this year, MORE Power anticipates returning bill deposits that will benefit around 777 customers.

Among the recipients of the second round of bill deposit refunds is Violeta Tiangson, a resident of Rizal Palapala Zone 1.

“MORE Power has not only improved our lives through reliable electricity but has also shown a genuine commitment to the welfare of its customers. The refund received has made a tremendous difference in my child’s health, allowing us to continue providing the necessary care,” Tiangson said.

Keiffer Espinosa, a barangay councilor from East Timawa, Molo, Iloilo City, thanked MORE Power’s initiative.

Espinosa highlighted the significant help the refund provides to consumers in the area, noting that he continues to pay in advance to avoid disconnection.

“It is important to note that the bill deposit refunds are not considered rewards but rather the consumers’ rights based on the Magna Carta for Residential Consumers,” said Roel Castro, president and CEO of MORE Power.

He stressed the company;s commitment to fulfilling these obligations.

“We have implemented this program in strict compliance with the law. The bill deposit does not belong to us; it rightfully belongs to our consumers. We are dutifully fulfilling our responsibility by returning what is rightfully theirs,” Castro added.

The initiative taken by MORE Power has garnered attention and praise from various stakeholders.

Atty. Monalisa Dimalanta, chairman of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), commended MORE Power for setting a commendable example for other distribution utilities. Dimalanta highlighted the company’s commitment to transparency and consumer welfare.

The Iloilo City government also recognized MORE Power’s efforts in refunding bill deposits. Francis Cruz, Special Assistant to Mayor Jerry Treñas, acknowledged the dedication and commitment of MORE Power in providing the best possible service to the Ilonggos.

“This exemplary act sets the benchmark for others to follow,” Cruz said.

The second round of bill deposit refunds demonstrates MORE Power’s commitment to its consumers and its dedication to providing reliable and efficient electricity services.

The company will continue to fulfill its responsibilities and support its customers in Iloilo City.

This July, it is estimated that approximately 65 customers will be eligible for the bill deposit refund.

MORE Power Iloilo remains dedicated to delivering excellent service and fulfilling its obligations to its valued customers. The company looks forward to continuing its efforts in supporting the community and providing reliable electricity services.