May 26, 2024 People's Journal 201 views

PRESIDENT Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Saturday trumpeted the country’s increasing inbound tourism in 2023 as the industry made an impressive recovery of the COVID-19 pandemic, doubling entry of its travelers into the country as compared to the same period in 2022.

“It is evident today that the Philippine tourism and hospitality industry [have] made an impressive recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic,” President Marcos said in his speech during the Solaire Resort North Opening Ceremony in Quezon City.

“We have slowly started to witness how hotels, restaurants, recreational amenities, and tourist spots have slowly but surely risen to the challenge of travel resurgence, welcoming 5.45 million inbound tourists in 2023. This is more than double the 2.65 million visitors recorded in 2022,” he added.

During the inauguration of the Solaire Resort North, the President said this will be another game-changer in the global hospitality industry.

“I thank the men and women behind Solaire Resort and Bloomberry Resort Corporation for their very concerted efforts in making this monumental project possible. In the last decade, the Solaire brand has redefined the resort stay experience here in the Philippines. You have set an entirely new benchmark for luxury, entertainment, comfort, and service,” the President said.

President Marcos was accompanied by First Lady Louise Araneta-Marcos during the opening ceremony.

President Marcos said it is the government’s mission to let the entire world know that the Philippines is open for tourism and business.

“It is truly a bold and ambitious move that we must take to make the Philippines the perfect destination for tourism, relaxation, and entertainment,” President Marcos said.

“Help us in making this goal the center of our efforts in building the Bagong Pilipinas that we dream of,” he added.

The President said the Philippines is ready to embrace the opportunities that would be offered, as he expressed confidence that “the world is also ready to embrace us back.”

Its first development, the Solaire Resort Entertainment City, has set the standard for quality and innovation in providing tourism and hospitality services to its guests from around the country and all over the world.

Ten years after this entertainment city welcomed its first visitors, another jewel in its crown with the opening of the Solaire Resort North has been seen.

This resort, which features not only first-class amenities but also world-class Filipino talent, is going further to raise the country’s image on the international stage.

Beyond the revenues that pour in from leisure activities and tourism, this industry has provided jobs to the people and contributed to social development.

Gaming ventures provided employment to about 100,000 Filipinos in 2019, supporting various roles in casino operations.

Ensuring efficient casino operations necessitates a close relationship with interactive entertainment accessories and equipment suppliers, with more than a hundred registered suppliers offering their services in this area alone, creating additional employment for Filipinos.

The contribution of this industry is beyond what has been understood in its traditional sense, he said.

Apart from operations, the industry also expanded into other crucial sectors, including hotels, retail centers, movie theaters, and dining establishments.

With Solaire Resort North hiring more than 4,000 Filipino employees, this will not only boost economy but also empower the people to reach their full potential, he pointed out.

The revenues from these ventures contributed huge funding for the operations of government agencies such as the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, Philippine Sports Commission, and Dangerous Drugs Board.

This redounds to the implementation of the Universal Health Care, Early Childhood Care and Development Fund, Integrated Sports Development Program, National Endowment for Culture and Arts, and the establishment and operation of adequate drug rehabilitation centers.

“With this, I am confident that the Solaire Resort North is all set to take these successes to even higher level,,” President Marcos said. PCO