Pizza Husband wife Ed and Tess Ngan Tian, founders of Lots A Pizza, celebrate everybody’s favorite Filipina pizza brand’s 35th anniversary.

Lots’a Pizza@35: Still the top crust to beat

December 15, 2021 Tess Lapuz-Lardizabal 960 views

Pizza1THERE are lotsa reasons for business couple Ed and Teresita ‘Tess‘ Ngan Tian to be more grateful this year.

One reason is that Lots’a Pizza, everybody’s favorite Filipino brand pizza, is celebrating its 35th anniversary.

Amid the challenges and the ever-competitive market, Lots’ a Pizza has proven its solid staying power. While many firms have faded away due to COVID-related reasons, Lots’ a Pizza’s stalls remained resilient and open.

“The pandemic didn’t really stop us. We were only restricted due to the curfew imposed during lockdowns. But we were able to continue our operations. We have a number of outlets that are located in supermarkets. So, when supermarkets opened, they were also allowed to operate. Our take-out and delivery options sustained us,” said Tess.

Amid the demands of the times, Lots’ a Pizza still boasts of 130-franchises outlets throught Luzon.

The decision to get into franchising proved to be another game-changer for Lots’ a Pizza. It has received numerous awards, among them, for Best Franchising Support, Best in Local Franchise, Best in Homegrown Franchise, Most Proming Franchise, Fastest Growing Franchise.

Lots’a Pizza was also honored with the Hall of Fame for franchise awards by Entrepreneur Magazine and the Best Business Award from BPI-Family.

Although having firmly established a niche market and gained competitive advantage over the rest, Lots’ A Pizza is not resting on its laurels.

“We haven’t stopped learning. We do have an advantage because we are pioneers in our level of business. We have also maintained our integrity, credibility and the quality of our products. These are things we will never compromise on,” said Tess.

As a mentor, Tess shares golden business nuggets to aspiring entrepreneurs.

“You should know every aspect of your business. You should know how everything is done — be it in Human Resources, Purchasing and all other departments,” she said.

Tess bared that her son, Robert, who is Lots’ A Pizza vice president/general manager started out as a bodega helper and service crew. After completing with honors his Ateneo Graduate School’s Master in Entrepreneurship course, he is adequately prepared to take over.

As employees, Ed and Tess treat their employees like family.

“We want them to feel that this business is also their own. Importante na may malasakit rin sila sa negosyo. I don’t see them as mere employees. For those who later move to other companies, I also want them to use what they learned from us. It would be great if they are also able to start their own businesses,” Tess said.

Seems like it was only a blink ago when Ed started the business by opening up a snack food stall of R&W Foods at Virra Mall in Greenhills in 1980. The couple later opened food stalls at the San Beda College along Mendiola.

The couple stayed at the SBC location for eight profitable years. They only moved out because the school started constructing the College of Law building in the area.

After 35 years, Lots’ A Pizza has become every Filipino’s favorite comfort and bonding food. It has also become a source of pride and inspiration for seasoned and budding Pinoy entrepreneurs in the country and abroad.

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