Julie Anne’s extraordinary journey continues in ‘Limitless Part 2: Heal’

November 13, 2021 Ian F. Fariñas 63 views

This November 20, Asia’s Limitless Star Julie Anne San Jose’s journey continues in Limitless Part 2: Heal.

Julie was joined by viewers around the globe as she began her musical journey in Mindanao last September 17. In the trending first leg of Limitless, she learned about the essence of the local culture and tradition. Most importantly, she saw the real beauty of the place emanating from the kindness and warmth of the Mindanaoans. Each day, she peeled a layer of Mindanao. And at the same time, she shed a layer of her wall. Embracing her vulnerability, she revealed her real thoughts and emotions.

“In the first part, I was finally able to ‘breathe’ as I took a trip to unexplored Mindanao,” shares Julie. “I learned so much about the place, the people there, and about myself. The beautiful scenery, the warmth of the South was overwhelming.”

But this was just the beginning. After taking a pause and acknowledging her inner battles, she is ready to take the harder step — facing her fears and confronting her conflicts.

“Taking a breath is always the first step. We pause. But after that, comes the difficult part. We confront our inner battles. We acknowledge. Because this is how we heal,” she adds.

Limitless is a story of Julie’s journey of knowing more about the people around her, the country and the world, and more importantly, about herself. And in every step of her journey, Julie wants everyone to be with her.

Her next journey takes her to an island in the Visayas, where she explores the mystical beauty of its scenic locations. With every new experience, Julie unwraps the mystery surrounding the island and its locals.

In Limitless Part 2: Heal, Julie will enjoy the beach and the beats of the Visayas with fellow Clash Master and good friend Rayver Cruz.

Joining her as well is the proud Bisdak herself, The Clash Season 3 Grand Champion Jessica Villarubin.

Limitless, A Musical Trilogy is under the creative direction of Paolo Valenciano and musical direction of Myke Salomon.

It is produced by GMA Synergy, the same team behind the record-setting and the Philippines’ first-ever virtual reality concert Alden’s Reality: The Virtual Reality Concert, the TV airing of which earned a finalist certificate at the 2021 New York Festivals.