Camille Villar

Incentives for green companies – Villar

February 7, 2022 Ryan Ponce Pacpaco 176 views

DEPUTY Speaker and Las Piñas City Rep. Camille Villar has sought broader government incentive schemes for companies going green or those that adopt eco-friendly practices.

In filing House Resolution (HR) No. 2483, the lawmaker said providing perks and additional benefits to companies that adopt green techniques will inspire private investments toward a more sustainable future that could result in more employment opportunities for Filipinos.

“In order to spur the green industry, the government should expand its incentive program beyond the manufacturing sector and promote more green firms, particularly micro, small and medium enterprises, that adopt an eco-friendly approach in their operations,” Villar said.

“Incentivizing green industries means promoting them, it is a sunshine sector and hence, it will mean more jobs. It will pave the way for new employment and opportunities for young people and new graduates,” she added.

According to the lone district representative, the government enacted Republic Act 10771 or the Philippine Green Jobs Act in 2016 to pave the way for more green jobs or employment that promotes preservations of the environment.

The Board of Investments had also implemented capital equipment perks and income tax holiday to the manufacturing industry and its sub-sectors, in particular those that help save energy and natural resources.

“While consumers need to be fully aware of the need and importance of buying from sustainable firms, entities must also be rewarded for employing eco-friendly methods in order to reduce their costs and result in lower prices,” Villar added.