Hunger, poverty

March 29, 2022 People's Tonight 108 views

IN a Third World nation, like the Philippines, two years of lockdown due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic worsened the problems of hunger, poverty and unemployment.

Many Filipinos in the de-energizing grip of grinding poverty found it impossible to eat three times a day while the paralyzing health crisis swept through the world.

That is why the beleaguered Filipino people, notably the poorest of the poor across the country, applauded when concerned authorities eased government-decreed restrictions.

This, after the government succeeded in bringing down the number of people getting sick of the deadly COVID-19 not only in the Metopolitan Manila (MM) area but elsewhere.

But aside from decreeing health and safety protocols, the government, through concerned offices and agencies, came up with programs designed to meet the many needs of the people.

After the government eased the restrictions, many business establishments resumed operations and people started going out of their homes to earn a living.

Without doubt, the government deserves the support of all sectors of Philippine society, particularly the businessmen, as it tries to revive the struggling economy.

And although the Duterte administration ends in three months time, it is still determined to spread the benefits of economic development in the hope of meeting the employment, food, medical and other needs of the Filipino people.

In our view, the perennial problems of hunger, poverty and joblessness must be addressed as soon as possible if we are to hasten the country’s socio-economic development.

It’s a move in the right direction.