Foodsphere warns other firms vs using trademark ‘Holiday’

November 2, 2023 People's Tonight 361 views

FOOD manufacturer Foodsphere Inc., behind the brand CDO, warned other companies against using the trademark “Holiday” which it owns.

In a notice to the public, Foodsphere said it is the registered owner of the trademark “Holiday” and has been using it in its food products, particularly on Christmas hams, since the 1970s.

“Usage of the said trademark amounts to infringement of the company’s intellectual property rights, as well as unfair competition, as defined under Sections 147 and 1688, respectively of Republic Act No. 8293 or the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines,” Foodsphere said in a statement.

“In this connection, demand is made upon all food manufacturers, distributors, retailers, restaurants and other establishments to immediately cease and desist from using ‘Holiday Ham’,” Foodsphere said.

Patricia Magbanua, CDO Foodsphere Corporate Affairs and Communications Head, commented on the issue, emphasizing the company’s dedication to consumer protection. “It is our utmost priority to ensure that our loyal customers receive the brand and quality they expect when purchasing our products. We’ve built trust around the ‘Holiday’ brand for decades, and we are committed to safeguarding it not just for our company, but for the consumers who have trusted us throughout the years,” said Magbanua.

She further added, “When a consumer picks up a product labeled ‘Holiday’, they should be confident in the consistency, quality, and reputation that comes with the CDO Foodsphere name. We are taking this matter seriously to protect not only our intellectual property but also the integrity of our offerings to our valued consumers.”

Foodsphere said it would be compelled to take appropriate civil, criminal, and administrative actions in court against violators of its IPR rights and hold them liable for damages and attorney’s fees.