Drive vs VAW

November 29, 2023 People's Tonight 115 views

THE genuine concern for women and children demonstrated by the Supreme Court (SC) is, without doubt, “most encouraging.”

Last Tuesday, Nov. 28, the SC urged its officials and employees to take part in the advocacy to promote and protect the rights of women.

Every year, from November 25 to December 12, the government conducts a nationwide campaign to End Violence Against Women (VAW).

The SC issued the call during the weekly flag-raising program, with three justices encouraging court personnel to do their part in ending VAW.

The three SC associate justices are Henri Jean Paul Inting, Jhosep Lopez and Maria Filomena Singh, chairpersons of the Committee on Gender Responsiveness in the Judiciary (CGRJ).

In her message, Justice Inting said awareness is the key to the elimination of violence against women in the Philippines.

Lopez urged everybody to embark on the crucial journey towards a society where every woman stands liberated from the shackles of violence.

Justice Singh. on the other hand, said inclusivity is present once sensitivity to one another is developed, adding “once we have sensitivity and exclusivity,that’s when we can actually dream of equality.”

She urged everybody to be more mindful, more conscious, more aware of how we can be more sensitive towards each other.

Certainly, the Supreme Court is on the right track in actively joining the campaign to end violence against women in the country.