Inspection An inspection team from the Department of Health, together with the staff members from the Ilocos Regional Office, conducted the first “wall-to-wall” COVID vaccine count at the cold chain warehouse to ensure the efficacy and safety of COVID vaccines being delivered at the local level. Photo courtesy of DOH/JANE ELEDA

DOH conducts pilot COVID vaccine count in Ilocos Region

February 20, 2022 Jane Eleda 115 views

THE Department of Health (DOH) conducted a two-day pilot “wall to wall” COVID-19 vaccine count in Ilocos Region to ensure the safety and potency of vaccines in protecting individuals against the COVID-19 virus.

According to Regional Director Paula Paz Sydiongco, the move aims to identify and rectify any inventory record discrepancies on the vaccines.

The wall-to-wall count or inventory of vaccines includes counting of all commodities/products stored in warehouses such as those stored in cold rooms, freezers and refrigerators, as well as transport vaccine carriers.

Sydiongco said a typical count includes the location, item description, lot number, expiration date and quantity of both vaccines and ancillaries. It consists of pre-count, validation, reconciliation, and consolidation of results then validation of reports.

DOH-Ilocos Regional Office send out teams to conduct the inventory in selected local government units to guarantee the compliance of implementing health facilities to the requirements of the “wall-to-wall” COVID vaccine count.

“Kailangan ito upang malaman natin at mapangalaagan ang kalagayan ng mga vaccines at kung ilan pa ang natitira sa mga LGUs para mabigyan sila ng karagdagang supply sa patuloy na pagbabakuna laban sa Covid,” Sydiongco said.

“This will ensure that there is enough supply at the local level. Vaccine staff members at the LGUs will also be properly informed on appropriate cold chain management and logistics to ensure timely and adequate receipt and delivery of vaccines and immunization supplies, as well as aid in vaccine forecasting,” Sydiongco emphasized.

She added that it is very important to plan, coordinate, and monitor the delivery, storage, and administration of COVID-19 vaccines and other immunization supplies to ensure that all health implementing facilities and other service delivery points are provided with adequate vaccines and concerned logistics.

COVID-19 vaccines and ancillaries are stored and managed at various locations from the national level down to the local level.