Ysabel shows winning presence

July 27, 2022 Mario Bautista 868 views


YSABEL Ortega, the daughter of Sen. Lito Lapid and former actress Michelle Ortega, is fortunate that she was chosen by GMA-7 and Atty. Joji Alonso of Quantum Films to be the lead star in the first teleserye that they’re co-producing, “What We Could Be”. It will start airing on August 15, replacing “Love You Stranger”.

We were invited to the press preview that showed its first week of telecast and it’s quite engaging. The story really revolves on Ysabel as Cynthia, a nurse who’s just been laid off by the hospital where she works. She’s the breadwinner, so losing her job is a big blow for her family who depends on her.

She finds a new job as the personal caregiver of an old woman Lola Aunor (Celeste Legaspi, who’s very good in her role), who used to own a successful bakery in their town, Santa Barbara. She is now grouchy and lonely because her husband and only daughter are both dead.

At first, Lola Aunor is very mean to Ysabel as Cynthia, snarling and throwing things at her. Eventually, she wins Lola Aunor’s heart when she saves the old woman from a fire that nearly killed her.

That Cynthia gets Lola’s sympathy does not come as a surprise as it is established that Cynthia is very patient and has a perky and winning personality. With her love for her family and her positive attitude in life, we’re sure she’ll easily endear herself to primetime viewers who will eagerly follow her journey every night.

“I’d really like to thank GMA and Quantum Films for trusting me with this very challenging but fulfilling role,” she says. “I did my best to give it justice. I also want to thank my leading man, Miguel Tanfelix, because he was a big help to me in interpreting my role, also our director, Jeffrey Jeturian, na talagang naging matiyaga sa paggabay sa akin. I am really proud to be a part of this feel good drama series.”

Most press people who watched the special screening are of the opinion that Ysabel has a good chance of making it big in showbiz as she has a gracious and charming screen presence. She’s also lucky that she is assisted by a very competent supporting cast.

Aside from Miguel Tanfelix and Yasser Marta as her leading men, also in the show are Soliman Cruz and Aleck Bovick as her doting parents, Vince Crisostomo as her brother who she sends to college, Joel Saracho as Celeste Legaspi’s trusted “katiwala” who helps her, Joyce Ann Burton (who stood out in the pilot week) and Bimbo Bautista as the scheming relatives of Celeste who want to get her property, plus newcomers Pamela Prinster, Lia Salvador and Hailey Mendoza.

The grapevine says she and Miguel are now already playing beautiful music together but Ysabel says they’re just good friends at the moment.

“Magkasama rin po kami sa ‘Voltes V Legacy’ kaya may namuong magandang friendship between us,” she says. “As of now, I’m really enjoying working with him as he’s so helpful and considerate. He started as a child actor so he’s more experienced sa acting and ako, baguhan pa lang compared to him so he really helps me.”