‘The First Nanny’ on Netflix

July 27, 2022 Mario Bautista 1075 views

BOTH Sanya Lopez and Gabby Concepcion have express their excitement now that their show, “First Yaya”, is about to be shown on the top streaming channel, Netflix, as “The First Nanny”, starting this Friday, July 29. It’s common knowledge that “First Yaya” became the number one primetime show on GMA-7 when it was aired from March to July last year.

It was rating as much as 20 percent nightly and when it ended, viewers clamored for a Book 2 so GMA-7 gave them the sequel, “First Lady”, which is equally a big hit as “First Yaya”.

Now, you can relive the modern fairytale of Gabby as President Glenn Acosta and Sanya as Nanny Melody when the top-rating romantic-comedy series “The First Nanny” debuts on Netflix Philippines beginning July 29.

The First Nanny follows the story of Melody Reyes (Sanya), a free-spirited and charming young woman from a humble background. The sole breadwinner in their household, Melody strives to provide for her family despite the numerous adversities life throws at her.

While working at an indoor playground, Melody (Sanya) rescues a child from an accident, not knowing that the child’s father is Glenn Acosta (Gabby), a widower and the incumbent Vice President of the Philippines.

Melody is eventually offered the position of nanny for Glenn’s children. Because of her sincere and kind nature, Melody bridges the gap between Glenn and his children, who are sulking because their father has no time for them due to his busy schedule.

Romantic feelings soon blossom between Melody and Glenn. Things take an unexpected turn when the current president dies and Glenn suddenly becomes the President. The public begins to notice Melody’s presence in the President’s life and starts calling her the “First Nanny.”

Produced by GMA Entertainment Group, binge-watch on “The First Nanny” on Netflix Philippines beginning July 29 and discover why it has become one of the country’s most well loved series.