“Varacco Coffee: Proudly showcasing local flavors at SM Mall of Asia Coffee Fest”

July 14, 2023 People's Tonight 1158 views

Varacco1SM Mall of Asia’s Coffee Fest has commenced and Varacco Coffee shines as a promising local coffee shop and brand participating in the festival. The coffee fest runs from July 9 to 16, 2023 at the SM Mall of Asia participated by 12 local and international brands in the Metro, the event kicked off with an exceptional moment as Varacco Coffee had the honor of meeting Mr. Hans Sy, the President of SM Prime Holdings. This remarkable encounter further underscores Varacco Coffee’s status as a celebrated homegrown gem.

In the vibrant atmosphere of the SM Mall of Asia Coffee Fest, coffee enthusiasts are drawn to the SM MOA Central Atrium, where Varacco Coffee proudly showcases its exceptional range of local blends. Amidst the diversity of international offerings, Varacco Coffee stands as a testament to the rich flavors and unique characteristics of Philippine coffee. On the festival’s inaugural day, an unforgettable meeting transpired between Varacco Coffee and Mr. Hans Sy, an esteemed entrepreneur and influential personality in the Philippine business landscape.

The meeting with Mr. Hans Sy not only brought honor to Varacco Coffee but also solidified its position as a distinguished participant in the specialty coffee scene.

Ariestelo Asilo, the visionary founder of Varacco Coffee, expressed his gratitude and enthusiasm, stating, “having the privilege of meeting Mr. Hans Sy and sharing our coffee with him was truly an honor. It is a testament to the craftsmanship of our coffee farmers and dedication of our team in creating a brand that is truly Filipino. We are inspired to continue our journey of bringing exceptional Philippine coffee to the world.”

As the SM Mall of Asia Coffee Fest continues until July 16, attendees can delight in the opportunity to savor the exquisite blends and experience the authentic flavors offered by Varacco Coffee. The booth at the SM MOA Central Atrium is a symbolism of their commitment to showcase the Philippine coffee and coffee farmers. It proudly represents the rich heritage of the country’s coffee industry. As the festival continues, attendees are invited to indulge in the flavors that embody the essence of Philippine coffee at Varacco Coffee’s booth in the SM MOA Central Atrium.