Tulfo ACT-CIS partylist Rep. Erwin T. Tulfo: “The killings inside the New Bilibid Prison continue with impunity despite the recent change of leadership at the Bureau of Corrections. Corruption, drugs, and other illegal activities are a daily occurrence in the four walls of the national penitentiary.”

Tulfo can make a good DSWD secretary

June 2, 2022 Paul M. Gutierrez 301 views

PaulAMONG the delightful news we got from the appointments thus far made by President-elect, Bongbong Marcos, was the appointment of veteran journalist, Erwin Tulfo, also a columnist of People’s Tonight, as the incoming secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). We are also very happy that according to ‘Boss Erwin,’ he would be talking in another of this paper’s veteran reporters, Jerico Javier, as his DSWD Undersecretary for Operations.

Well, insofar as this development is concerned, it simply shows, dear readers, the “caliber” of the people behind People’s Tonight—fit to enter the challenging job as officials of the government.

And I know I share the “pride” of this paper’s management in noting that both Tulfo and Javier are “products” of our publication. Sinserong “Mabuhay” sa inyo, Boss Erwin at kasamang Jerico!

Now, as to the usual skeptics and naysayers who always faults—never the merits—over Tulfo’s appointment to the DSWD, my word of advice is, heck, he can make a good DSWD secretary.

First of all, the man is not a politician but is simply overflowing with sincerity and commitment to help those in need—without asking anything in return and we at the National Press Club can attest to this.

In 2020, during the worst moments of the COVID-19 pandemic, Boss Erwin personally went to the NPC to deliver some 100 sacks of rice and other goodies, his personal way of answering my call for help in providing “ayudas” to members of the press.

Sa madaling salita? Sa panahon ng kalamidad at disgrasya, ‘andun, makakaasa kayo kay Boss Erwin.

And not only the NPC was the beneficiary of Boss Erwin’s kindness as other press corps all over Metro Manila were also helped by Boss Erwin.

Heck, even the barbers and manicurists at the barbershop we frequented along UN Avenue in Manila also narrated to me how, during the worst moments of the pandemic, Boss Erwin never forgot about them by also sending to them “ayudas” that greatly eased their own suffering during that time.

The admiring thing about him, by the way, is that in all those times that he has been helping others, he never made it a point to publicize the help he has given, a far cry from other so-called ‘NGOs’ and yes, the politicians whose every act of kindness needs to be trumpeted for everyone to know.

And yes, the NPC continues to provide educational assistance to its members due again, to Boss Erwin’s generosity. Sa mga anak ng media na kasapi ng NPC, ang patuloy ninyong pag-aaral sa kolehiyo ay dahil sa kabutihang-loob ni Boss Erwin, hane?

Of course, sincerity and commitment to help others are not the only “requirements” in running what is basically the social welfare arm of the government, the DSWD.

And this is where Boss Erwin’s vast experience as a long-time police reporter comes into play. For any veteran police reporter can easily “sniff out” the facts and the truth, from the lies.

In other words, if the grizzled, lazy, plain stupid and remaining crooks at the DSWD who managed to evade detection under Sec. Emmanuel Bautista are of the belief that “toying” with Boss Erwin as their new boss would be child’s play, they are in for a big surprise, if not, the shock of their lives.

Dahil beteranong police reporter, unang buka pa lang ng mga bunganga ninyo, “alam” na agad ni Boss Erwin, err, Secretary Tulfo, na “binobola” o “pinapalundag” lang ninyo siya.

My parting words? Let us give DSWD Secretary Erwin Tulfo all the help that he can get and the chance to prove his worth. He not only deserves them, he earned them.