Three stories about ‘L’ in a new Vivamax series

February 12, 2022 Mario Bautista 4010 views

Larawan1WHAT does the letter L stand for you? It can mean Life, Love, Lust, Light, Loyalty, Libido. Vivamax now offers an erotic triple treat with the three-part series “L” that explores all the meanings of the letter L. It stars Vince Rillon and Viva’s newest and hottest sexy bombshells Cara Gonzales, Ayanna Misola, Cloe Barreto and Stephanie Raz.

Every Sunday, starting this February 27, we get to experience an episode of L. Written and produced by award-winning director Jon Red, “L” is an erotic trilogy featuring short films from three great directors.

The movie starts with Lucas (Vince Rillon), a young freelance artist who’s trying to overcome loneliness after his girlfriend Lana (Stephanie Raz) suddenly dumped him. Strange turn of events leads Lucas to meet 3 different girls who will push him to the limits of love and lust.

The first story is “Larawan,” about the world of art, directed by Topel Lee. Left alone, Lucas is pushed by his friend to get out and get a breath of fresh air. Lucas finally decides to drive to Batangas and visits an art gallery. At the gallery, he finds a stunningly beautiful girl and starts stalking her until he gets a chance to talk with her. She introduces herself as Louise (Ayanna Misola), and after getting a few drinks, they end up at her apartment and have passionate sex. There, Lucas discovers something about Louise that would surprise him.

The second story is “Liko”, more of drama, directed by EJ Salcedo. Still loveless after Lana left, Lucas gets into a habit of driving around the streets of Manila. One night, while driving around, he picks up Liza (Cloe Barreto), an attractive woman whom he thought was a prostitute.

They talk, and then they check in at a motel and have sex. Before parting ways, Lucas attempts to pay for Liza’s services but she refuses to accept the money, telling Lucas she is not a prostitute, but just a poor and lonely housewife.

This excites Lucas all the more, and he meets with her a few more times, and Liza also starts accepting the money that Lucas is giving him. Then one night, Lucas cannot find Liza anymore. And after a month of searching, he finally finds Liza again, but it is already too late for Lucas.

The third story “Lipat”, the mystery episode, is directed by Roman Perez, Jr. Trying to start to move on again with his life, Lucas decides to look for a more modest place to live. He finds a simple apartment and asks the caretaker if he could see the place.

While looking around the apartment, a strange and beautiful woman named Lucy (Cara Gonzales) comes in and also starts inquiring about the apartment with Lucas. He assumes the caretaker role and gives her the information that he already got from the real caretaker. They meet again the next day to finalize the deal, and they also start telling personal stories to each other. Lucy admits to Lucas that she has been unfaithful to her husband.

That night ends with passionate love making between them. The next day, Lucas goes back to the apartment to look for Lucy, but the caretaker says that the only Lucy the caretaker knows is the former tenant of the apartment who has been gone for so many years. Does Lucy really exist or is she just a figment of his imagination?

Choose your erotic escapade in “L” starting February 27, streaming online on VIVAMAX. Subscribe now!