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‘Safety Seal’

July 9, 2021 People's Tonight 497 views

PEOPLE support the issuance of “Safety Seal” to business establishments, like supermarkets and groceries, that strictly comply with health and safety protocols against COVID-19.

The seal is issued by local government units to commercial firms that follow these state-decreed protocols, which are aimed at preventing the spread of the dreaded virus.

Reports said the certification standards include screening areas for customers, contract tracing procedures, and provision of handwashing and sanitizing stations.

As well-meaning Filipinos, we believe that the adherence to health and safety protocols, including the wearing of masks/face shields and observing social distancing, is a must.

Other firms eligible for the seal are convenience stores, construction supply and hardware stores, logistics service outlets, barbershops and salons, and service/repair shops.

The number of establishments applying for “Safety Seals” is growing as it aims to restore the customers’ confidence, according to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Once a business establishment applies for the seal, DTI inspectors will arrive to monitor compliance of the health guidelines and policies of the Inter-Agency Task Force.

However, the “Safety Seal” may also be revoked if the business establishment will have a cluster of COVID-19 cases or there’s willful violation of IATF protocols.

We also support government efforts to revive the Philippine economy, which continues to struggle because of the adverse effects of the worldwide health crisis.

The people ought to wake up to their moral responsibility to help the government in unburdening the citizenry from the many problems posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.