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PRO3 deploys ‘baywatch cops’ amid spike in drowning incidents

March 31, 2024 Bernard Galang 136 views

CAMP OLIVAS, City of San Fernando, Pampanga – Police Regional Office 3 director Brig. Gen. Jose Hidalgo Jr. encouraged the public to take extra precautions while swimming in beaches and resorts.

Based on reports from the Regional Tactical Operations Center, from January to date, a total of 30 drowning incidents were recorded, wherein 27 persons, including children, died .

From January to May last year, there were 45 drowning incidents of which 42 died.

Most of the drowning incidents happened in the beach while the rest happened in rivers.

“If you plan to swim on a beach, you have to make sure that you are in the company of skilled swimmers,” Hidalgo said.

He pointed out the importance for parents or guardians to remain vigilant, as their children may venture to pools or beaches unaccompanied.

He reminded the public to read signages on do’s and don’ts in certain beaches and follow restrictions if there are any.

The regional director also advised the parents and the others who go on swimming vacations to know the location of first-aid stations and police assistance desks.

The PRO3 chief said at least 1,500 PNP personnel are manning the police assistance desks in various parts of the region, particularly on roads and tourist destinations.

He has ordered an increase in the deployment of personnel trained in Water Search and Rescue Teams (WASAR) in beaches and resorts to complement the deployment of lifeguards and ensure public safety.

The Central Luzon top cop urged the public to observe precautions, especially while traveling to various destinations.

The safety tips were also given to travelers and tourists taking public transportation and visiting churches, beaches, and resorts.