Mysterious Loud ‘Pipe Organ’ Sounds Heard On Ontario Lake

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Posted: 07 Jun 2021 07:06 AM PDT

pipe organA group of family and friends are in separate boats on a lake in the west central wilderness of Ontario, Canada when all of them hear what sounds like loud pipe organ notes emanating from all directions.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

“I live in northern Indiana and I have a true story I would like to share with you. We have a cabin about 300 miles NNW of Thunder Bay in the west central wilderness of Ontario, Canada. We drive until the road stops then take a float plane to our cabin. My Dad built our cabin in 1968 and we go up 3 times a year. The end of May, mid-July and early Sept.

One Fall trip, 20 or so years ago now, we wanted to portage to a different lake. In the spring and fall if the weather was cool we would go after some Lake Trout. If I had to take a guess, I have been on that lake 30 to 40 times now. We are the only cabin on our lake and there are no cabins on this lake. We have 3 small boats we just leave on that lake because we go there so often. We had 6 men in 3 boats that day.

We all kind of went our own way and started fishing. It was maybe 4 hours later (around 2 or 3 pm) all 3 boats meet back up in the middle of the lake and we all killed our engines and started to eat our lunch. It was a beautiful sunny day with no clouds and the lake went completely flat, no wind at all.

Ok, now this is the part where you are going to think I’m nuts, so here I go. The first sound came from our north (the way back to our lake). The best way I can describe it was someone holding a note on a freaking pipe organ. The notes were perfect not flat or anything like that. The notes would last maybe 5 to 8 seconds. That’s a long time to hold a perfect note. When the one would die out, another would start from a different shore at a higher or lower note but all just perfect and sounded like a pipe organ. All the sounds were just single notes, we never heard 2 different notes at the same time. This lasted for maybe 15 or 20 minutes. We all 6 were hearing 20+ pipe organs play single notes around a lake with no cabins in the Canadian wilderness. The notes were loud and with no wind. The land was no more the 400 yards away in any direction. The notes would echo around a bit. My brother did not want to make the portage, so he stayed in our lake cabin with one of my uncles.

Later, back in our cabin we all were telling my uncle and brother what we heard. They both said they could also hear the notes from our direction. We never saw a thing and I don’t know what we heard. We didn’t see anything on the ground, nothing in the trees, or water and we all were looking. About the only thing I do know there is no pipe organs around that lake.

Over the years we have been back many tines and nothing. Over the years we have asked local biologists. They look at me like we’re nuts. I even have asked a First Nation friend from that area. At least he gave me a kind of answer. Are you ready, I sure was. He said some things in nature are best left unknown. That is your answer? I was so ready to find out and that’s what I got. I’m the last one of the 8 people still alive who heard the pipe organ notes around that lake in the Canadian wilderness and I’m just looking for answers.” GB

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