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Journalist Claims UFOs & Aliens Are Linked With Afterlife & NDEs, Which Exist In Another Dimension

October 27, 2023 People's Tonight 371 views

By Vicky Verma

In recent years, the discussion surrounding UAPs has gained new momentum due to groundbreaking revelations and insights from researchers like Leslie Kean. She says that there is a bundle of evidence that posits that the UFO phenomena are linked with an “Alternate dimension.” She believes UFOs could be connected to “the afterlife” and “near-death experiences” and could come from another “dimension.”

Leslie Kean, a respected journalist known for her extensive research on UFOs, has shed light on the multifaceted nature of these encounters in a podcast with Chris Letho. According to Leslie, there are two distinct aspects of the UFO phenomenon. The first one is the physical aspect, involving UFOs being detected on radar and approached by the military in a traditional, empirical manner. However, Kean also highlights the second, more enigmatic layer of UFO experiences.

Leslie told Lehto that she is increasingly sure there is a connection between the supernatural, near-death experiences, and unexplained sightings. She said, “Certainly, the more paranormal elements of the UFO phenomenon seem to have some relationship to what people describe in near-death experiences and other types of activities that take place in terms of just consciousness-related anomalous experiences that people have, which are very varied. There just is some kind of crossover air, and I don’t know what it is. I mean, there is the whole component of UFOs, which is just purely physical.”

Leslie speculates that there might be a connection between UFOs and some form of alternate dimension that exists beyond the boundaries of our five senses. This dimension, she suggests, may overlap with our own, providing a possible explanation for the mysterious and often inexplicable aspects of UFO phenomena.

The connection between the paranormal and UFOs takes us to Skinwalker Ranch. In 2007, James Lacatski, a scientist at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) became interested in Skinwalker Ranch. His visit to the ranch led him to believe in the existence of paranormal phenomena, including UFOs, ghosts, and monsters. He shared his experience with Nevada Senator Harry Reid, leading to the creation of AAWSAP, a program aimed at studying aerospace technology trends.

In 2017, Leslie pitched a story to the New York Times about a Pentagon UFO program called “AATIP,” without mentioning AAWSAP or its paranormal investigations. This led to public interest in UFOs, but according to former AAWSAP contractor Colm Kelleher, the true story was largely hidden.

Despite the controversy and skepticism surrounding AAWSAP/AATIP, some former members continued to pursue their interest in UFOs and the paranormal. Some even briefed Congress on UFO-related matters, causing a stir among elected officials and the media. Jay Stratton, an AAWSAP/Skinwalker Ranch alum, provided UFO information to a Pentagon press office and headed a Pentagon UFO Task Force during the Trump administration. (Source)

However, it is suggested that the task force was more focused on unconventional UFOs than addressing other national security concerns. Some former DOD officials criticized Stratton’s leadership, alleging that he was preoccupied with paranormal stories related to Skinwalker Ranch.

Dailystar writes, “Leslie says it’s a shame that the entire area of the paranormal got a bad reputation because so many fraudsters got involved in it. And similarly, the number of hoax UFO sightings has led to scientists not taking reports as seriously as they should. She say more investigation of both phenomena is needed to understand exactly what’s going on. She added that there are major UFO reports such as the sighting in Stephenville, Texas, in 2008 that urgently need to be re-examined.”

Leslie says that at the moment, UFO research is being taken more seriously than it has been in decades, but scientific inquiry into life after death is being almost ignored. “I think people should know that the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness studies [BICS], which was founded by Robert Bigelow, is doing investigations into all of these questions,” she said.

The institute launched an essay competition for the best accounts of near-death experiences. “Robert Bigelow was offering huge cash prizes for the winners of this contest, so there was a lot of motivation and there were some amazing essays that were submitted which provided fascinating evidence,” she said.

The ranch gained notoriety in the 1990s when it was purchased by Mr. Bigelow, who funded a number of studies of the phenomena reported at the ranch. However, the specifics of what has been reported at the ranch and the credibility of those reports have been the subject of much debate and skepticism. Some people believe that the ranch is a hotspot for extraterrestrial activity, while others claim that the reports of strange occurrences at the ranch are the result of hoaxes or misidentifications of natural phenomena.

In an interview with award-winning journalist George Knapp, Mr. Bigelow shared his personal experiences and losses that prompted his interest in life after death, as well as UFOs. He talked about possible links between consciousness research and UFOs. He also talked about the risks of trying to establish communications with the unknown.

“That’s been mainly what I’ve been doing except for the skinwalker ranch thing for 20 years as the space world has been huge in my life to pursue the legitimate parochial kind of you know using fire engines rockets to get you there. We didn’t expect anything like this to happen and so there this is different. This is the holy grail and is different than the second holy grail. If the second one is ‘Beings’ (E.T.), then the first one: Is there any part of your consciousness that survives your bodily death? That’s a big deal. That’s a huge story. That’s gigantic.”

“Be a little careful about what you wish for. So on the face of it, communication sounds great and that by the way has been tried forever ever since the oracle of Delphi. I mean you can go back thousands of years and that’s been attempted. So It’s not now you know the last 100 years through electronics and using some kind of electrical apparatus to try to have some kind of communications. And you know communication can be at all different kinds of levels. There might be communication that just causes you an awareness.”

Mr. Bigelow’s investigative team, headed by Colm Kelleher, the institute’s scientific administrator and biochemist, documented their own paranormal events, according to a 2005 book “Hunt for the Skinwalker,” by Dr. Kelleher and Mr. Knapp.

Mr. Bigelow said he saw “interdimensional” forces at play through portals at certain paranormal hot spots like Skinwalker. But he also said he had frequently visited the ranch without experiencing the kind of chilling events others reported, as if some intelligence were selecting the people to act upon. “I slept like a log every single night,” he said. And no human was physically harmed, but he said he and other visitors often carried strange things home, like a sulfurous stink in a certain part of his house. His wife felt the presence of a faceless creature pressing down on her side of bed.

Brandon Fugal, the current owner of Skinwalker Ranch says one of the most unexpected intersections of UFO phenomena and religious belief comes from Mormon theology. Mormonism teaches that the universe is inhabited by countless worlds and dimensions, a concept referred to as “worlds without number.” This belief is rooted in the idea that there is a divine plan for existence, and the universe is teeming with diverse life forms. (Source)

Within the framework of Mormonism, the notion of multiple dimensions of reality separated by a spiritual fabric known as “the veil” is essential. In these dimensions, there are worlds populated by people who are aliens to Earth. Travel between these dimensions is considered possible through the power of God or, interestingly, through the power of Satan.

One notable figure who recognized the potential connection between Mormon beliefs and UFO phenomena was the late U.S. Senator Harry Reid. When asked about reconciling his Mormon faith with his interest in the paranormal, Reid emphasized that Mormonism’s teachings align with the idea of otherworldly existence. He believed that there is ample evidence to suggest that there are indeed other dimensions and realms of reality, paralleling the quest to understand UFOs and the unexplained phenomena at Skinwalker Ranch.

David Grusch, a popular UFO whistleblower claimed that in 1945, the United States intercepted a mysterious craft that was initially recovered by Mussolini’s forces in Italy back in 1933. As evidence of this extraordinary event, Grusch presented a handwritten Italian memo containing small drawings at the bottom. What made this revelation even more intriguing was the implication of the Vatican’s involvement, suggesting the religious institution was not only aware of the existence of NHI but also actively participated in suppressing this information. (Click here to read the full article)

Grusch made significant assertions regarding the NHI, stating that these entities might be extraterrestrial or interdimensional, or possibly both. Astronomer and UFO researcher Jacques Vallée states that UFOs and related events of a paranormal nature involve visitations from other “realities” or “dimensions.” The idea proposes that these alternate realities exist separately yet parallel to our own. In 1975 book “The Edge of Reality,” Vallée and Hynek considered the possibility of what they call “interlocking universes.”