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David Grusch Credits Elizondo Galactic Zoo Theory: Aliens Are Studying Us & UFO Crashes Are Intentional

September 19, 2023 People's Tonight 850 views

By Vicky Verma 

David Grusch, a former 14-year high-ranking intelligence officer, is one of the three whistleblowers who testified before Congress on July 26, 2023, in the historical UAP hearings. After two months, Grusch appeared in a lengthy interview with Jesse Michels, where he discussed his claims broadly and also disclosed some more information related to his claims.

His testimony highlights that the US government has been concealing evidence of UFOs and indications of non-human intelligence. He declined to provide this information publicly but claimed to have shared it with the intelligence committees and the Inspector General and suggested discussing it in a closed environment.

Grusch has the support of many individuals in authority who believe he is an authentic person. In this June 2023 edition of the Debrief, authors Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal mention Karl E. Nell, a retired Army Colonel and aerospace executive who worked with David Grusch and characterized Grusch as “beyond reproach.” Nell speaks highly of Grusch’s integrity and credibility in his role as the Army’s liaison for the UAP Task Force from 2021 to 2022. (Click here to read the full article)

In the recent interview with Jesse Michels, Grusch discussed a range of topics, including the severe penalties faced by the leakers of classified UFO information, the existence of “nonhuman intelligence” pilots operating UFOs, and the initial reasons for concealing UFO information, which included concerns about societal shock and adversarial nations like Russia.

Grusch also highlighted the connection between the Manhattan Project and laws related to UFO secrecy, as well as the existence of a classified project related to UFOs separate from Project Blue Book. He suggested that the technology of these “nonhuman intelligence” entities may be highly advanced but evolved asymmetrically compared to humans, emphasizing their interest in nuclear technology. Luis Elizondo hinted that US Military had created an environment to attract UFOs so that they could study them. (Click here to read the full article)

Grusch cites a previous statement made by Lue Elizondo, a former Pentagon UFO official, regarding the “Galactic Zoo hypothesis.” This hypothesis suggests that extraterrestrials are observing us, possibly explaining the nature of these beings. It is evident that Grusch takes care to directly reference Elizondo’s prior interview, where he mentioned that these extraterrestrials are intentionally designed to have a humanoid appearance for interaction with humans.

David Fravor is another UFO whistleblower who testified along with Grusch before Congress. He discussed an encounter where he and his team were informed by a controller that unidentified flying objects (UFOs) had been observed for over two weeks descending rapidly from over 80,000 feet to 20,000 feet, hovering for extended periods, and then quickly ascending again. Michels and Grusch engage in a conversation about the mysterious nature of these objects, with Michels suggesting that they seem to exhibit awareness and play a sort of cat-and-mouse game with observers.

Grusch said, “Yeah, I know. I’ve had some folks I talked to that had their own kind of up-close kind of sightings. They said that they got that vibe too, you know? Who knows if that’s psychosomatic or sure or what, but they did get a vibe like that too… I’ve had a very smart guy who was like, ‘Well, did Darwin care to fully conceal himself when he studied the finches?’ And it’s like, they observe.

They don’t really care, right? And they don’t really care to interact, but they’re just here to observe.”

The discussion touches on the idea that these UFOs might be studying or observing human activity, similar to anthropologists studying a tribe, and explores analogies like the “gorilla in the cage” and the possibility of these objects having an interest in nuclear power.

Big Think writes, “The Zoo Hypothesis, proposed by the MIT radio astronomer John A. Ball in 1973, says that aliens may be avoiding contact with us on purpose, so as not to interfere with our evolution and the development of our societies. The human civilization could be essentially living in a ‘zoo’ or a space wildlife sanctuary, where others populating the cosmos dare not go. By staying clear of us, they avoid interplanetary contamination.

The hypothesis makes the most sense in a crowded universe, if there are many civilizations which set up rules by which they govern their coexistence. Of course, if there are many extraterrestrial players, it is also doubtful that one of them wouldn’t have somehow contacted us, even if by accident. Maybe that’s what the Earth’s alien hunters are picking up on – random, unsanctioned interactions.”

In 2016, Josh Hrala told ScienceAlert that while the zoo hypothesis does assume that aliens exist, perhaps the reason why they are not interacting with us is because they do not want to have any influence on our society and just want to keep observing us from far away. This makes sense as Grusch insinuates in the interview that the initial reasoning for hiding the information was the ontological shock it would cause in society due to society’s religiousness at the time, along with concealing the information from adversaries like Russia.

Why do they crash?

In the interview, Grusch suggested that UFO crashes may have been intentionally seeded to test humanity’s development in relation to being exposed to this technology. Astronomer Jacques Vallee thinks UFO crashes are not accidental events, but rather intentional occurrences that serve a specific purpose for the mysterious visitors. writes, “Vallee begins by pointing out that the evidence for UFO crashes is very weak and often contradictory. He argues that most of the alleged crash sites have never been properly investigated or verified by independent experts, and that many of the witnesses and whistleblowers who claim to have seen or handled alien bodies or debris are unreliable or have ulterior motives.”

He also mentions that the UFOs and the materials they are made of do not follow the normal rules of science and engineering. He thinks this is because the UFOs are intentionally confusing us, making us see things that do not make sense on purpose.

Vallee said, “There is plenty of data – and it should be analyzed further. But I do not think it’s going to be a propeller from a flying saucer. I think it is going to be things that would be interesting if you could find a pattern to the material. I’m skeptical about stories of crashed saucers; I have an open mind about it, but I’ve heard those stories for so many years and they never really amount to anything tangible. Also, I am skeptical for another reason: We build technologies now that are extremely reliable where there is the need. How often does your hard disk crash? I mean, if you keep your computer for 15 years, eventually the hard disk is going to crash. But you don’t expect that to happen. If you were going to build a technology that takes you across interstellar space, it would have to be extremely reliable.” (Source)

According to Vallee, the UFOs do not want to interact with us directly. Instead, they want to create a mysterious situation that makes us question what is real and what is not. He believes that these UFO events are like a big test for humanity. They want to see how we react – whether we get curious, scared, amazed, doubtful, or obsessed. Vallee thinks that how we react to these UFOs could change how we evolve and what our future looks like.

The discussion also touched on the possibility of UFOs being our descendants from the future, military sensory systems detecting UFOs more frequently due to advanced technology, and Grusch’s perspective shaped by being on the Autism spectrum.

Additionally, Grusch’s background as a veteran and his involvement in drafting the National Defense Authorization Act of 2023, which includes provisions for reporting UFOs, were noted as relevant to his insights.

Moreover, any discovered UFO technology will be revealed to the public through a “Controlled Disclosure Campaign” plan, according to the US Defence Authorisation Act 2024, which is set to go before President Biden towards the end of the year.