Mama Sita culinary video showcases iconic ‘Rellenong Bangus with Pickled Mangoes

July 14, 2021 People's Tonight 360 views

RECIPE video link:

IN celebration of the Philippine Independence Month this June 2021, the Philippine Embassy in Seoul, in collaboration with the Philippine Agriculture Office and Mama Sita Foundation, proudly presents the culinary video for the 4th episode of the “Traditional and Contemporary Philippine Cuisine: Lutong Bahay ni Mama Sita” showcasing the iconic dish “RELLENONG BANGUS with Pickled Mangoes” (Video link: ) with Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Christian de Jesus and Chef Belgium Villanueva, Pinoy Chef and Food Vlogger in Korea.

This Traditional and Contemporary Philippine Cuisine: Lutong Bahay ni Mama Sita collaboration project aims to strengthen the promotion of Philippine cuisine in Korea.

It also aims to preserve and pass on the Philippines’ rich culinary treasures to future generations and migrant Filipinos.

The project supports Philippine farmers, fisherfolks and agricultural communities whose contributions have enriched the Philippine culinary scene.

It strives to increase awareness of available Philippine food ingredients in Korea such as Mama Sita oyster sauce and liquid seasoning, frozen whole milkfish (bangus), fresh and pickled mangoes and calamansi extract.