Lacuna: ‘Healthy’ a workers priority

February 9, 2022 Itchie G. Cabayan 159 views

OVER a thousand employees of the Manila Health Department (MHD) have started undergoing their Annual Physical Examination (APE) to ensure that the health workers are in perfect health condition and fit to work in handling their daily responsibilities in the city.

This was announced by Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna, who said that the move is in line with what she and Mayor Isko Moreno had been doing since Day 1 of their administration, which is to prioritize health programs, not only for the city residents but its employees as well.

Lacuna said that MHD chief Dr. Arnold Pangan already issued a memorandum directing all MHD employees to undergo the first APE, saying the physical well-being of city employees plays a significant bearing on the effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of our basic health services.