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Jemboy case an eye-opener–PNP

March 5, 2024 Alfred P. Dalizon 77 views

JemboyTHE Jemboy Salazar case should serve as an eye-opener to all officers and men of the Philippine National Police (PNP) to follow proper operational procedures in dealing with any crime suspect.

“Una, this should serve as an eye-opener o babala sa mga pulis na they should always follow what is specifically written in our police procedures. In fact, sinabi nga sa court decision kung bakit hindi murder kundi homicide ang ikinaso sa mga pulis-Navotas na yun. Sinabi ng korte na those police officers were in the actual performance of duty, and there was no real intent to kill Jemboy,” said Colonel Jean Fajardo, the chief of the PNP Public Information Office.

Fajardo maintained the use of firearms should not be the first approach in capturing a suspect as stated in the PNP’s operational procedure.

She referred to the incident that killed the 17-year old Baltazar, who was mistaken for a fleeing thief in Brgy. NBSS Kaunlaran on August 2, 2023.

The Navotas City Regional Trial Court Branch 286 found former Police Staff Sergeant Gerry Maliban guilty of homicide and sentenced him to four years in jail.

For illegal discharge of firearms, the court also convicted Police Executive Master Sergeant Roberto Balais Jr., Police Staff Sergeant Nikko Esquilon, Police Corporal Edmark Jake Blanco, and Patrolman Benedict Mangada.

However, Police Staff Sergeant Antonio Bugayong was acquitted.

Fajardo said the PNP leadership welcomes and respects the decision as she expressed condolences to the Baltazar family for their loss.

The official likewise said that the decision showed that the judicial system is working when it comes to the police organization.

“The clarity provided by the court’s decision on the murder charges initially brought against the policemen underscores the importance of due process and the rule of law in our society,” she said.

Fajardo also said they fully respect the decision of the Salazar family to appeal the court decision since like everybody, they can use all legal remedies.

However, she also cited the principle of double jeopardy in the Salazar family’s decision.

The official likewise emphasized the fact that colleagues of the accused Navotas policemen served as prosecution witnesses against them.

“Kaya na-identify ang mga akusado ay dahil na din sa mga policemen-witnesses kasi yung talagang kasama ni Jemboy, hindi niya maituro sa korte kung sino talaga ang bumaril sa biktima. That alone will prove na pulis ang tumulong para maprosecute ang case,” she said.

Col. Fajardo said the PNP is also willing to provide security to the Salazar family in case they request one.

She also said that the other policemen who were dismissed in connection with the case will be automatically reinstated to the police force since they still have pending administrative cases for grave misconduct in the performance of duty.

Those policemen filed an appeal before the Regional Appellate Board in November last year, nearly two months after they were ordered dismissed and even before the Navotas RTC released its verdict on the case.

“The dismissal of the aforementioned personnel from service in September 2023 underscores the PNP’s unwavering stance on accountability and swift action against misconduct,” she said.