Isko Mayor Isko Moreno addresses queries from Cebuanos during a town hall meeting in Cebu over the weekend. Photo by JERRY S. TAN

Isko: Sa gobyerno ko, pabataan di patandaan

November 7, 2021 Itchie G. Cabayan 264 views

MANILA Mayor and Aksyon Demokratiko presidential bet Isko Moreno said that the Filipinos may expect young blood occupying high positions in national government once he gets to be chosen by the people to lead the country.

In his speech during a weekend visit to Cebu, Moreno said that he would need key people who will be able to work really fast and keep up with his pace.

“Wag kayo mag-alala. Sa gobyerno ko, pabataan hindi patandaan ha. Kasi you have to catch up with me. Me masama akong habit. Bihira ako matulog,” the mayor said, adding that in fact and modesty aside, it’s been three months since he had last seen his family.

Moreno said that he likes young people to help him run and ‘energize’ the government for it to be in keeping with the times, stressing what would matter most is their skills, understanding of the nature of their job and the willingness to put their hearts into it.

He stressed though that experience will still matter because the lives and future of Filipinos are at stake.

“For the first time, makakatsamba kayo baka puro bata ang sekretaryo ng bansa. Kasi kung una pa siyang natutulog sa akin, problema ‘yun. Ang gobyerno natin, di ko maipapangakong walang tulugan. Si Kuya Germs lang ‘yun. Matutulog din ako pero sinisigurado ko, ang gobyerno natin maaga, hindi madaling araw,” Moreno said.

He lamented how at times, those already past their 80s get appointed to sensitive positions only to clock in and then end up either strolling in the malls or playing golf during supposed working hours.

The mayor also assured that his kind of government will be at work early and may even run round-the-clock if the situation requires.

“It’s going to be fast, litrerally “Bilis Kilos which is why I will be needing people who are really into it and who are result-oriented. ‘Yung makakasabay sa akin,” Moreno stressed. His campaign slogan #BilisKilos is based on the self-imposed fast pace of work he had been doing in Manila.

Apart from the young generation, Moreno also said he will engage the services of the LGBT community, saying he does not care about sexual preferences as what matters more is the presence of skills, willingness and heart to serve the nation.

In Manila, there is an existing ordinance that protects the rights of the LGBT community members, the violation of which carries a fine, imprisonment or both depending on the court’s discretion.

The said Ordinance 8695 also mandates the creation of a council that will establish barangay desks that will attend to complaints that constitute violation of the said local law.